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National youth Council of Ireland  (NYCI)

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is funded by the Youth Affairs Unit under the Youth Service Grant Scheme. Youth Service Grant Scheme funding is made available on an annual basis to 30 national and major regional voluntary organisations. The continued funding of voluntary youth organisations through the Scheme is intended to ensure the emergence, promotion, growth and development of youth organisations with distinctive philosophies and programmes aimed at the social education of young people.

The NYCI, established in 1967, is an umbrella organisation that represents and supports the interests of voluntary youth organisations and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact on young people.

Over 50 voluntary youth work organisations operate in Ireland, with a stated membership of approximately 500,000; 40,000 voluntary youth leaders and approximately 1,100 full time staff.   

The NYCI promotes and supports the development of services for all young people and aims to safeguard their interests and concerns.

NYCI Structures:

•    The Board of NYCI is the Governing body of the National Youth Council of Ireland and broadly represents all member organisations and is ultimately responsible to the Member Organisations.
•    The members of the Board are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, the Chairperson of the International Advisory Committee, seven (7) persons elected by the Youth Work Electoral College and four (4) persons elected to the Youth Interest electoral colleges.
•    The Board implements the work programme and policies of the National Youth Council of Ireland and it is the decision making body between AGMs. The Board meets at least six times a year

NYCI work:
•    Much of the current focus of the NYCI is on such issues as: young people’s health, education, equality, active citizenship, participation, social inclusion, culture and the arts, global justice, interculturalism, child protection and EU and international youth policy issues. Many of these issues are also incorporated under the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-18).  
•    The majority of work carried out by NYCI fits under the areas of Advocacy and Practice.

Advocacy NYCI:
•    NYCI influences policy and legislation through engagement with Government, the political system, a broad and extensive range of statutory and voluntary agencies, other key stakeholders and through public engagement;
•    Advocates on behalf of young people and the youth sector on a range of economic and social policy areas;
•    Represents the sector on a range of strategic bodies, committees and advisory structures.

Practice NYCI:
•    Provides supports and networking opportunities to youth work organisations
•    Produces toolkits, resources and training materials
•    Provides training, conferences, events and seminars on a wide variety of topics including child protection, youth health promotion, youth arts, equality and interculturalism and development education.
•    Provides opportunities for continuous professional development of youth workers (e.g. accredited training)

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