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Research funded under the Children’s Funded Research Programme 2004 - 2009


Published in 2013

Young People's Homeless and Housing Pathways: Key findings form a 6-year qualitative longitudinal study (Main Report)


Published in 2011

Post-Separation Parenting: A study of separation and divorce agreements made in the Family Law Circuit Courts of Ireland and their implications for parent–child contact and family lives (Abstract) (Full Report) (Briefing Note)


Published in 2010

Study of Young Carers in the Irish Population (Abstract) (Main Report) (Summary Report) (Briefing Note)

 A map of health research undertaken on children in Ireland: January 2000 to mid-November 2008  Findings from a systematic examination of peer-reviewed journal publications  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

Parenting Styles and Discipline: Parents’ and Children’s Perspectives (Abstract)  (Summary Report)

Parenting Styles and Discipline: Parent’s perspectives  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Summary Report) (Briefing Note)
Children’s Perspectives on Parenting Styles and Discipline: A Developmental Approach (Abstract) (Main Report) (Summary Report) (Briefing Note)
Young People and Public Libraries in Ireland: Issues and opportunities  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)


Published in 2009

Children’s Research and Ethical Review (Abstract) (Main Report) (Summary Report) (Briefing Note)

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC)  Ireland 2006-Middle Childhood Study: Socio-demographic patterns in the health behaviours, risk behaviours, health outcomes and social contexts of young people’s health  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)


Published in 2008

Young People on Remand (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note
Service Users Perceptions of the Irish Child Protection System (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

A Study on the Quality of Life Tool KIDSCREEN for children and adolescents in Ireland Results of the KIDSCREEN National Survey 2005 (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)


Published in 2007

Listening to Children: Children’s stories of domestic violence (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

Play and Technology for Children Aged 4-12  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note


Published in 2006

The Development and Implementation of Child Impact Statements in Ireland (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note

The Child’s Right to be heard in the Healthcare Setting: Perspectives of Children, Parents and Health Professionals (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note
Giving Children a Voice: Investigation of Children’s Experiences of Participation in Consultation and Decision-making in Irish Hospitals (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

Unequal at Birth - Inequalities in the Occurrence of Low Weight Babies in Ireland (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

Understanding Youth Homelessness in Dublin City: Key findings from the first phase of a longitudinal cohort study (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)


Published in 2005

Lives in Foster Care - The Educational and Social Support Experiences of Young People aged 13-14, Years in Long-term Foster Care (Abstract) (Main Report) (Briefing Note)

Young People’s Views about Opportunities, Barriers and Supports to Recreation and Leisure in Ireland: Executive Summary (Abstract) (Summary Report) (Briefing Note)

Second-level Student Councils in Ireland: A Study of Enablers, Barriers and Supports  (Abstract) (Main Report) (Summary Report-Irish) (Briefing Note)
Date of publication: April  2005



Research in Progress

Lives in Care – A Follow-up Study on the Educational and Social Support Experiences of Young People in Long-term Foster Care


This quantitative study is the second phase of a prospective study looking at the progress of a national cohort of young people in long-term foster care. Specifically, the study will re-examine at the day-to-day experiences of education and schooling for young people in long term foster care. The social supports available to these young people will also be revisited in terms of contact with birth family, friendship networks, and participation in hobbies, leisure activities.

Contact person: Professor Robbie Gilligan


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