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   1 Thesauruses reduce the ambiguity inherent in normal human languages by using predefined vocabularies. Bibliographic databases of peer-reviewed journal articles use specific named thesauruses to address problems of homographs, synonyms and polysemes to achieve bijection (a process where every term can be mapped to another and no unmapped term exists) between concepts and authorised terms.
The keywords available in the "keywords" alphabetically indexed drop down menu are those assigned by the coders employed in the bibliographical databases searched in for this study. A full listing of these databases are available in the attached document "Table_bibliographical databases.doc"

   2 Health-related outcomes were classified to the International Classification of Disease Version 10 (ICD 10), or the International Classification of Oncology 3rd Edition where outcomes were classifiable by this manner. The remaining outcomes were grouped according to the definitions listed in the attached document "Working definitions of themed, none classifiable, health-related outcomes.doc".
The wording employed by the individual study authors are also retained within this themed, none classifiable, category and are available in the "Classification & Themed Health Related Groupings" alphabetically indexed drop down menu.