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  • 1.   Children talking: emerging perspectives and experiences of cigarette smoking

    This study examines the perceptions, beliefs and motivations of young people regarding smoking and health

    Qual Health Res, Vol: 17 Page: 238-49 February 2007
    M. P. Treacy; A. Hyde; J. Boland; T. Whitaker; P. S. Abaunza; B. J. Stewart-Knox

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  • 2.   Children's perspectives of therapeutic recreation: Data from the 'Barretstown studies'

    This study examines children's perspectives of therapeutic recreation using data from the Barretstown studies

    Journal of Health Psychology, Vol: 7 Page: 599-614 2002
    Gemma Kiernan; Malcolm MacLachlan

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  • 3.   Contested Heteronormativities: Discourses of Fatherhood among Lesbian Parents in Sweden and Ireland

    This article explores discourses of fatherhood among lesbian parents in Sweden and Ireland, based on interviews with 68 participants

    Sexualities, Vol: 8 Page: 189-204 2005
    RĂłisĂ­ Ryan-Flood

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  • 4.   Operationalizing quality of life for people with profound multiple disabilities: a Delphi study

    This study assesses the content and the structure of an item pool - quality of life etc among people with disability - in order to enhance its validity and usefulness

    J Intellect Disabil Res, Vol: 51 Page: 334-49 May 2007
    K. Petry; B. Maes; C. Vlaskamp

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  • 5.   Parental perception of fluorosis among 8-year-old children living in three communities in Iceland, Ireland and England

    This study study was to assess parental perception of the impact of fluorosis among 8-year-old children living in three communities in Iceland, Ireland and England

    Community Dent Oral Epidemiol, Vol: 32 Suppl 1 Page: 34-8 April 2004
    H. Sigurjons; J. A. Cochran; C. E. Ketley; W. P. Holbrook; M. A. Lennon; D. M. O'Mullane

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    This study explores the relationships between family and social support and early mother-child bonds

    Journal of Children & Poverty, Vol: 13 Page: 133-156 2007
    Mary Ellen McGuire-Schwartz

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