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  • 1.   A cluster randomised intervention trial of asthma clubs to improve quality of life in primary school children: the School Care and Asthma Management Project (SCAMP)

    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a programme of asthma clubs in improving quality of life in primary school children with asthma

    Arch Dis Child, Vol: 90 Page: 786-91 August 2005
    E. E. Patterson; M. P. Brennan; K. M. Linskey; D. C. Webb; M. D. Shields; C. C. Patterson

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  • 2.   Achieving Consensus in Developing a National Set of Child Well-Being Indicators

    This article discusses an account of the methodology used to gain consensus around the development of a national set of child well-being indicators

    Social Indicators Research, Vol: 80 Page: 79-104 2007
    Sinead Hanafin; Anne-Marie Brooks; Ed Carroll; Eithne Fitzgerald; Saoirse Gabhainn; Jane Sixsmith

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  • 3.   An evaluation of positive behavioural support for people with very severe challenging behaviours in community-based settings

    The aim of this study was to examine positive behaviour supports for five people - with intellectual disability - in community settings

    J Intellect Disabil, Vol: 11 Page: 281-301 September 2007
    B. McClean; I. M. Grey; M. McCracken

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  • 4.   Background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    This article discusses background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    Acta Biomed, Vol: 74 Suppl 1 Page: 7-12 2003
    H. M. Hoey

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  • 5.   Bilateral thoracoscopic sympathectomy: results and long-term follow-up

    This study evaluated the efficacy of bilateral thoracoscopic sympathectomy in alleviating symptoms and improving quality of life in patients with hyperhidrosis or facial blushing

    Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg, Vol: 7 Page: 67-70 February 2008
    R. Jeganathan; S. Jordan; M. Jones; S. Grant; O. Diamond; K. McManus; A. Graham; J. McGuigan

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  • 6.   Bone anchored hearing aids: Reality, failure and current status

    The aim of this study was to examine the reality, failure and current status of bone anchored hearing aids

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 97 Page: 312-314 2004
    A. L. Kadhim; M. P. Colreavy; C. O'Donovan; A. Blayney

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  • 7.   Care of the extremely preterm infant: Management and ethical dilemas

    This article discusses care of the extremely preterm infant

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 98 Page: 101-102 2005
    W. A. Gorman

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  • 8.   Cheap listening?--Reflections on the concept of wrongful disability

    This article investigates the concept of wrongful disability. That concept suggests that parents are morally obligated to prevent the genetic transmission of certain conditions and so, if they do not, any resulting disability is 'wrongful'

    Bioethics, Vol: 20 Page: 55-63 April 2006
    R. J. Hull

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  • 9.   Food allergy QoL questionnaire for children aged 0-12 years: content, construct, and cross-cultural validity

    This study developed a sensitive, multi-dimensional measure to assess parental perception of health-related QoL in children aged 0-12 years with food allergy

    Clin Exp Allergy, Vol: 38 Page: 977-86 June 2008
    A. DunnGalvin; B. M. de BlokFlokstra; A. W. Burks; A. E. Dubois; J. O. Hourihane

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  • 10.   Food poverty and health among schoolchildren in Ireland: findings from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study

    The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between food poverty and food consumption, health and life satisfaction among school children

    Public Health Nutr, Vol: 10 Page: 364-70 April 2007
    M. Molcho; S. N. Gabhainn; C. Kelly; S. Friel; C. Kelleher

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  • 11.   Good metabolic control is associated with better quality of life in 2,101 adolescents with type 1 diabetes

    The aim of this study was to assess if good metabolic control or the consequences of poor control have a greater influence on quality of life of adolescents with diabetes and their families

    Diabetes Care, Vol: 24 Page: 1923-8 November 2001
    H. Hoey; H. J. Aanstoot; F. Chiarelli; D. Daneman; T. Danne; H. Dorchy; M. Fitzgerald; P. Garandeau; S. Greene; R. Holl; P. Hougaard; E. Kaprio; M. Kocova; H. Lynggaard; P. Martul; N. Matsuura; H. M. McGee; H. B. Mortensen; K. Robertson; E. Schoenle; O. Sovik; P. Swift; R. M. Tsou; M. Vanelli; J. Aman

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  • 12.   Healing old wounds. Interview by Catharine Sadler

    This article discusses "Healing old wounds"

    Nurs Stand, Vol: 15 Page: 14-6 2001 Jun 27-Jul 3
    S. Peake

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  • 13.   Health status of children with cerebral palsy living in Europe: a multi-centre study

    This aim of this study was to describe the health status of 8-12-year-old children with cerebral palsy of all severities in Europe using the Child Health Questionnaire

    Child: Care, Health & Development, Vol: 34 Page: 806-814 2008
    E. Beckung; M. White-Koning; M. Marcelli; V. McManus; S. Michelsen; J. Parkes; K. Parkinson; U. Thyen; C. Arnaud; J. Fauconnier; A. Colver

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  • 14.   Ireland's National Children's Strategy an inside outsider's view

    This article focused on the launching of Ireland's National Children's Strategy: Our Children--Their Lives

    Children & Society, Vol: 15 Page: 118-121 2001
    John Pinkerton

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  • 15.   Link Family Support--An evaluation of an in-home support service

    The aim of this study was to describe home support services with a sample of families of service users of Enable Ireland Cork

    Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Vol: 11 Page: 698-704 2004
    H. Forde; H. Lane; D. McCloskey; V. McManus; E. Tierney

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  • 16.   Living in critical times: The impact of critical incidents on frontline ambulance personnel--a qualitative perspective

    This study aimed to explore through interview the nature and impact of Critical Incidence on health and well-being and to examine attitudes toward support services and barriers to service use

    Int J Emerg Ment Health, Vol: 9 Page: 215-23 2007 Summer
    S. Gallagher; S. McGilloway

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  • 17.   Parent and health professional perspectives in the management of adolescents with diabetes: development of assessment instruments for international studies

    The aim of this study was to assess quality of life in adolescents with diabetes

    Qual Life Res, Vol: 15 Page: 1033-42 August 2006
    H. Hoey; H. M. McGee; M. Fitzgerald; H. B. Mortensen; P. Hougaard; H. Lynggaard; S. E. Skovlund; H. J. Aanstoot; F. Chiarelli; D. Daneman; T. Danne; H. Dorchy; P. Garandeau; S. Greene; R. Holl; E. Kaprio; M. Kocova; P. Martul; N. Matsuura; K. Robertson; E. Schoenle; O. Sovik; P. Swift; R. M. Tsou; M. Vanelli; J. Aman

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  • 18.   Self-reported quality of life of 8-12-year-old children with cerebral palsy: a cross-sectional European study

    The aim of the study was to compare Quality of life among individuals with Cerebal Palsy

    Lancet, Vol: 369 Page: 2171-2178 2007
    H. O. Dickinson; K. N. Parkinson; U. Ravens-Sieberer; G. Schirripa; U. Thyen; C. Arnaud; E. Beckung; J. Fauconnier; V. McManus; S. I. Michelsen; J. Parkes; A. F. Colver

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  • 19.   The Impact of Formal Services on Family Carers of Individuals with Intellectual Disability

    The aim of this study was to describe findings of interviews carried out with primary carers of individuals with an intellectual disability living in a rural area of the Republic of Ireland.

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 25 Page: 26-43 2004
    Linda Finnegan; Barbara Dooley; Patricia Noonan Walsh

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  • 20.   The Revised-Perceived Illness Experience Scale (R-PIE): data from the Barretstown studies

    The aim of this study was to describe previously uninvestigated factor structure of the Perceived Illness Experience with life-threatening illnesses

    Behav Med, Vol: 30 Page: 23-31 2004 Spring
    G. Kiernan; M. Gormley; M. MacLachlan

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