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  • 1.   Cancer information needs of people with intellectual disability: a review of the literature

    This article discusses the increasing lifespan of people with an intellectual disability and resulting implications

    Eur J Oncol Nurs, Vol: 12 Page: 142-7 April 2008
    P. O'Regan; E. Drummond

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  • 2.   Children's participation in healthcare in the UK--gesture, rhetoric, or real involvement?

    This article discusses the UK's recent national and international efforts to protect its thirteen million children and ensure that their voices are heard

    Bioethics Forum, Vol: 18 Page: 29-35 2002
    B. Carter

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  • 3.   Defining the gap between electrographic seizure burden, clinical expression and staff recognition of neonatal seizures

    This study aimed to explore the clinical manifestations of electrographic seizures recorded on continuous video-EEG, and to compare this description with the recognition of clinical seizures by experienced neonatal staff

    Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed, Vol: 93 Page: F187-91 May 2008
    D. M. Murray; G. B. Boylan; I. Ali; C. A. Ryan; B. P. Murphy; S. Connolly

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  • 4.   Detection of non-accidental injuries presenting at emergency departments

    This study aimed to explore whether cases of possible non-accidental injury as identified using five risk indicators give rise to any subjective concerns of child abuse

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 21 Page: 562-4 September 2004
    A. McKinney; G. Lane; F. Hickey

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  • 5.   Education for asthma care: lessons from Ireland

    This article discusses a professional development module designed to meet the education needs of nurses caring for children with asthma and their families

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 34-6 September 2007
    M. Clynes; C. Barron; C. Imelda

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  • 6.   Imaging the less seriously head injured child

    This article discusses the aspect of classification and management of imaging the less seriously head injured child

    Arch Dis Child, Vol: 82 Page: 333 April 2000
    J. F. Glasgow; S. J. McGovern

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  • 7.   Relative analgesia and general dental practitioners: attitudes and intentions to provide conscious sedation for paediatric dental extractions

    This study aimed to explore the attitudes and intentions of general dental practitioners who work within the remit of the National Health Service to provide relative analgesia for paediatric extraction

    Int J Paediatr Dent, Vol: 13 Page: 320-6 September 2003
    R. Freeman; P. Carson

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