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  • 1.   A validated clinical model to predict the need for admission and length of stay in children with acute bronchiolitis

    This study aimed to develop and validate a logistic regression model to predict need for admission and length of hospital stay in children presenting to the Emergency Department with bronchiolitis

    Eur J Emerg Med, Vol: 11 Page: 265-72 October 2004
    P. Walsh; S. J. Rothenberg; S. O'Doherty; H. Hoey; R. Healy

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  • 2.   Assessing services, supports and costs for young families under stress

    The aim of this study was to examined the practical feasibility of a methodology for collecting service use data and other information on families

    Child Care Health Dev, Vol: 32 Page: 101-10 January 2006
    M. Sleed; J. Beecham; M. Knapp; C. McAuley; N. McCurry

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  • 3.   Community children's nursing services in Wales: will the NSF make a difference?

    This article discusses the 2006 edition of the RCN Community Children's Nursing Directory - which lists 239 services

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 22-4 February 2007
    E. Z. Maunder

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  • 4.   Education for asthma care: lessons from Ireland

    This article discusses a professional development module designed to meet the education needs of nurses caring for children with asthma and their families

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 34-6 September 2007
    M. Clynes; C. Barron; C. Imelda

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  • 5.   General paediatric surgery in Ireland: a crisis in evolution

    This case report discusses the journey of one child in getting hospital treatment and broadens to discuses general paediatric surgery in Ireland

    Ir J Med Sci, Vol: 176 Page: 249-51 December 2007
    D. N. Coakley; P. A. Grace

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  • 6.   Inequalities in access to education and healthcare

    This article discusses the burden of disease as borne by those who suffer as patients but also by society at large, including health service providers

    Eur J Dent Educ, Vol: 12 Suppl 1 Page: 30-9 February 2008
    J. Nunn; R. Freeman; E. Anderson; L. C. Carneiro; M. S. Carneiro; A. Formicola; R. Frezel; J. Kayitenkore; C. Luhanga; G. Molina; I. Morio; N. O. Nartey; P. I. Ngom; M. F. de Lima Navarro; A. Segura; S. Oliver; S. Thompson; M. Wandera; N. Yazdanie

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  • 7.   Inequalities in health: evaluation and effectiveness in practice... four research case studies

    This case report discusses inequalities in health

    International Journal of Nursing Practice, Vol: 7 Page: 383-391 2001
    A. Lazenbatt; J. Orr; E. O'Neill

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  • 8.   Information needs of parents about learning disabilities

    The aim of this study was to examine the information needs of parents, the person approached to gain this information and the means undertaken to do so, to learn about disabilities

    Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol: 7 Page: 211-219 2003
    Roy McConkey

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  • 9.   'Maps and Charts in Planning Family Support': The Development of Children's Services Planning in Northern Ireland

    This article considers how 'cross-cutting' Children's Services Planning has developed and explores the emerging shift from historically based planning to planning based on needs assessment, of children in need

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 199-212 2003
    Eamon McTernan

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  • 10.   Morbidity, mortality, and response to treatment by children in the United Kingdom and Ireland with perinatally acquired HIV infection during 1996-2006: planning for teenage and adult care

    The aim of this study was to examine temporal changes in the morbidity and mortality persons with perinatally acquired HIV infection, many of whom are now adolescents.

    Clin Infect Dis, Vol: 45 Page: 918-24 October 2007
    A. Judd; K. Doerholt; P. A. Tookey; M. Sharland; A. Riordan; E. Menson; V. Novelli; E. G. Lyall; J. Masters; G. Tudor-Williams; T. Duong; D. M. Gibb

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  • 11.   Orthodontic report criticised

    This article discusses criticism of an orthodontic report

    J Ir Dent Assoc, Vol: 51 Page: 102-3 2005 Autumn

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  • 12.   Participatory nurse/client relationships: perceptions of public health nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    The aim of this study was to determine similarities in perceptions on participation between nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    Appl Nurs Res, Vol: 21 Page: 169-72 August 2008
    H. Mulcahy; G. McCarthy

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  • 13.   Quality in preventive and health-promoting services: constructing an understanding through process

    This study aimed to explore the development of a model of service quality for health-promoting services

    Journal of Nursing Management, Vol: 14 Page: 472-482 2006
    S. Hanafin; S. Cowley

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  • 14.   Supporting the family carers of vulnerable, fragile babies and young children

    This abstract reports on a qualitative study of 17 mothers caring for a vulnerable, fragile baby or young child requiring significantly high levels of care and attention

    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, Vol: 44 Page: 437-437 2000
    B. Redmond; A. Bowen

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  • 15.   The Characteristics of Children with a Disability Looked After away from Home and their Future Service Needs

    The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of children with disabilities who meet the British legal definition of 'looked after' children

    British Journal of Social Work, Vol: 34 Page: 561-576 2004
    Roy McConkey; Theresa Nixon; Elizabeth Donaghy; Donna Mulhern

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  • 16.   The oral health of children with Down syndrome in Ireland

    The aim of this study was to describe the oral health of children with Down syndrome in Ireland

    Spec Care Dentist, Vol: 24 Page: 55-60 2004 Mar-Apr
    C. Bradley; T. McAlister

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  • 17.   Water fluoridation: safe and effective

    This article discusses safety of water fluoridation

    Ir Med J, Vol: 93 Page: 261 December 2000
    P. Fleming; J. Mullen

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