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  • 1.   A case control study of a deprivation triangle: teenage motherhood, poor educational achievement and unemployment

    The aim of this study was to compare the educational and employment experiences of teenage mothers and match peers from a similar social background

    Int J Adolesc Med Health, Vol: 14 Page: 117-23 2002 Apr-Jun
    T. Bradley; M. E. Cupples; H. Irvine

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  • 2.   A diatribe on dummies

    This article discusses a diatribe on dummies

    Arch Dis Child, Vol: 86 Page: 222 March 2002
    D. Gill

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  • 3.   A public health approach for preventing child sexual abuse

    This article discusses a public health approach for preventing child sexual abuse

    Community Pract, Vol: 80 Page: 14-5 February 2007
    M. Reynolds; P. Blackstock

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  • 4.   An exploratory study of teachers' knowledge about the symptoms of depression in young people with and without intellectual disabilities

    This study aimed to explore teachers' knowledge of the signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorder

    J Intellect Disabil, Vol: 11 Page: 183-95 June 2007
    L. Taggart; P. McMullan

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  • 5.   Attitudes of children towards peers with acquired brain injury (ABI)

    The aim of the study was to investigate the attitudes peers hold toward a fictional child with acquired brain injury

    Brain Inj, Vol: 21 Page: 47-52 January 2007
    I. R. Crothers; M. A. Linden; N. Kennedy

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  • 6.   Background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    This article discusses background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    Acta Biomed, Vol: 74 Suppl 1 Page: 7-12 2003
    H. M. Hoey

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  • 7.   Blood loss, replacement and belief

    This article discusses blood loss, replacement and belief among Jehovah's Witnesses

    RCM Midwives, Vol: 10 Page: 72-5 February 2007
    S. Porter

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  • 8.   Changing times

    This article discussed the improvement and obstacles to overcome to improve healthcare in the Travelling community

    Nursing in the Community, Vol: 9 Page: 8-9 2008 2008 Jan-Feb
    P. Gleeson

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  • 9.   Child coping strategies, dental anxiety and dental treatment: the influence of age, gender and childhood caries prevalence

    The aim of the study was to understand the coping strategies children employ in dealing with pain in dentistry

    Eur J Paediatr Dent, Vol: 6 Page: 173-8 December 2005
    P. Van Meurs; K. E. Howard; J. Versloot; J. S. Veerkamp; R. Freeman

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  • 10.   Childbirth and infant development knowledge gaps in interpersonal settings

    The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis which predicts that infusions of information into an environment will lead to knowledge gain by groups with higher socioeconomic status at rates that outpace the knowledge gain of lower SES groups

    J Health Commun, Vol: 3 Page: 29-51 1998 Jan-Mar
    C. Gaziano; J. O'Leary

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  • 11.   Consent and antenatal HIV testing: the limits of choice and issues of consent in HIV and AIDS

    The aim of this study was to examine consent and antenatal HIV testing

    AIDS Care, Vol: 12 Page: 307-12 June 2000
    L. Sherr; A. Bergenstrom; C. N. Hudson

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  • 12.   Differences in risk factors for partial and no immunisation in the first year of life: prospective cohort study

    The aim of the study was to compare demographic, social, maternal, and infant related factors associated with partial immunisation and no immunisation in the first year of life in the United Kingdom.

    Bmj, Vol: 332 Page: 1312-3 June 2006
    L. Samad; A. R. Tate; C. Dezateux; C. Peckham; N. Butler; H. Bedford

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  • 13.   Discussion groups with parents of children with cerebral palsy in Europe designed to assist development of a relevant measure of environment

    The aim of this study was to inform the content of a questionnaire relevant to the environment of children with cerebral palsy living in Europe

    Child Care Health Dev, Vol: 32 Page: 185-92 March 2006
    V. McManus; S. I. Michelsen; K. Parkinson; A. Colver; E. Beckung; O. Pez; B. Caravale

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  • 14.   Familial and cultural perceptions and beliefs of oral hygiene and dietary practices among ethnically and socio-economicall diverse groups

    The aim of this study was to develop a valid and reliable psychometric measure to examine the extent to which parents' attitudes about engaging in twice-daily tooth brushing and controlling sugar snacking predict behaviours in children

    Community Dent Health, Vol: 21 Page: 102-11 March 2004
    P. M. Adair; C. M. Pine; G. Burnside; A. D. Nicoll; A. Gillett; S. Anwar; Z. Broukal; I. G. Chestnutt; D. Declerck; F. X. Ping; R. Ferro; R. Freeman; D. Grant-Mills; T. Gugushe; J. Hunsrisakhun; M. Irigoyen-Camacho; E. C. Lo; M. H. Moola; S. Naidoo; U. Nyandindi; V. J. Poulsen; F. Ramos-Gomez; N. Razanamihaja; S. Shahid; M. S. Skeie; O. P. Skur; C. Splieth; T. C. Soo; H. Whelton; D. W. Young

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  • 15.   Fetal anomaly screening: what do women want to know?

    This study reports a study exploring women's experiences of receiving an adverse diagnosis at a routine second trimester ultrasound examination, and the factors that influenced their preparedness for an adverse finding

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 55 Page: 11-9 July 2006
    J. Lalor; C. Begley

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  • 16.   First-time mothers: social support and confidence in infant care

    This study reports a study whose primary aim was to explore the relationship between social support for first-time mothers and their confidence in infant care practices. A secondary aim was to identify their sources of support in the postnatal period

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 50 Page: 479-88 June 2005
    P. Leahy Warren

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  • 17.   Influence on self-rated health of socio-demographic, lifestyle and affluence factors: an analysis of the Irish and International Health Behaviours Among School-Aged Children (HBSC) datasets 1998

    The aim of this study was to examine influences on self reported health among young people

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: suppl 43-6 September 2007
    C. C. Kelleher; J. Tay; S. N. Gabhainn

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  • 18.   Informed consent: a patients' perspective

    The aim of this study was to examine informed consent from a patients perspective

    J Laryngol Otol, Vol: 119 Page: 19-22 January 2005
    P. Burns; I. Keogh; C. Timon

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  • 19.   Low immunisation uptake: is the process the problem?

    This study examines mothers satisfaction with the process of immunisation and its possible contribution to suboptimal immunisation uptake

    J Epidemiol Community Health, Vol: 54 Page: 394-400 May 2000
    P. M. Harrington; C. Woodman; W. F. Shannon

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  • 20.   Nursing inputs to special schools in N. Ireland

    This study aimed to explore the type of contact nurses had with children attending special schools regarding healthcare needs

    Int J Nurs Stud, Vol: 38 Page: 395-403 August 2001
    R. McConkey; M. Kelly

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  • 21.   Ocular injury in hurling

    This study described the clinical characteristics of ocular injuries sustained in hurling in the south of Ireland and to investigate reasons for non-use of protective headgear and eye wear

    Br J Sports Med, Vol: 39 Page: 493-6; discussion 496 August 2005
    T. H. Flynn; K. Fennessy; N. Horgan; B. Walsh; E. O'Connell; P. Cleary; S. Beatty

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  • 22.   Parents' and nurses' attitudes to family-centred care: an Irish perspective

    This study describes attitudes of parents and nurses to the model of care delivery on an in-patient children's unit in a regional general hospital

    J Clin Nurs, Vol: 16 Page: 2341-8 December 2007
    M. Hughes

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  • 23.   Participation in a clinical trial: views of children and young people with diabetes

    This study investigates whether involvement in research can have a positive effect on the education and management of disease of children and young people with diabetes

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 37-9 July 2007
    C. McGuinness; M. Cain

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  • 24.   Participatory nurse/client relationships: perceptions of public health nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    The aim of this study was to determine similarities in perceptions on participation between nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    Appl Nurs Res, Vol: 21 Page: 169-72 August 2008
    H. Mulcahy; G. McCarthy

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  • 25.   Relative analgesia and general dental practitioners: attitudes and intentions to provide conscious sedation for paediatric dental extractions

    This study aimed to explore the attitudes and intentions of general dental practitioners who work within the remit of the National Health Service to provide relative analgesia for paediatric extraction

    Int J Paediatr Dent, Vol: 13 Page: 320-6 September 2003
    R. Freeman; P. Carson

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  • 26.   Response consistency in young adolescents' drug use self-reports: a recanting rate analysis

    The aim of this study was assess the reliability of drug use reports by young respondents, this study examined the extent of recanting previous drug use reports within an ongoing longitudinal survey of adolescent drug use

    Addiction, Vol: 100 Page: 189-96 February 2005
    A. Percy; S. McAlister; K. Higgins; P. McCrystal; M. Thornton

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  • 27.   Social capital and self-rated health in the Republic of Ireland: evidence from the European Social survey

    The aim of this study was to examine the determinants of self-reported health in Ireland, conditioning self-reported health on a set of socio-economic, labour market and social capital variables.

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: suppl 52-6 September 2007
    L. Delaney; P. Wall; F. O'HAodha

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  • 28.   Supporting parents who have a child referred for genetic investigation: the contribution of health visitors

    This study aimed to explore the views of health visitors in relation to their role in supporting parents of children referred for genetic investigations

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 54 Page: 141-50 April 2006
    O. G. Barr; R. McConkey

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  • 29.   Symptoms suffered by life-limited children that cause anxiety to UK children's hospice staff

    The aim of this study was to examine the symptoms which cause anxiety to staff working in children's hospices

    Int J Palliat Nurs, Vol: 12 Page: 254-8 June 2006
    H. L. McCluggage

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  • 30.   The effectiveness of parenting programmes facilitated by health visitors

    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of parenting programmes that are facilitated by health visitors and offer practical and emotional support to parents in the Down Lisburn Trust, Northern Ireland

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 34 Page: 611-20 June 2001
    A. Long; S. McCarney; G. Smyth; N. Magorrian; A. Dillon

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  • 31.   The psychosocial effects of cleft lip and palate: a systematic review

    The aim of this review was to examine the published scientific research on the psychosocial impact of cleft lip and palate among children and adults.

    Eur J Orthod, Vol: 27 Page: 274-85 June 2005
    O. Hunt; D. Burden; P. Hepper; C. Johnston

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  • 32.   The Revised-Perceived Illness Experience Scale (R-PIE): data from the Barretstown studies

    The aim of this study was to describe previously uninvestigated factor structure of the Perceived Illness Experience with life-threatening illnesses

    Behav Med, Vol: 30 Page: 23-31 2004 Spring
    G. Kiernan; M. Gormley; M. MacLachlan

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  • 33.   Weight and energy: parents' and children's perspectives on managing cystic fibrosis diet

    This study aimed to explore the meanings that parents and children attach to food and eating, and how these influence their approaches to dietary management of cystic fibrosis

    Arch Dis Child, Vol: 90 Page: 249-52 March 2005
    E. Savage; P. Callery

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