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  • 1.   Children's views on children's right to work: Reflections from Belfast

    The aim of this study was to examine children's attitudes regarding the right to work

    Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research, Vol: 11 Page: 45-61 2004
    Madeleine Leonard

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  • 2.   Many childhoods?

    This article discusses articles on child research - including adult regulation of children's play, citizenship, employment, engagement of children as active thinking beings, childhood health and disability

    Childhood, 2004
    Chris Jenks

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  • 3.   The Politics of Traveller 'Child Begging' in Ireland

    This article discusses the history and politics of 'child begging' and other children's work among the minority population of Travelling People in Ireland

    Critique of Anthropology,
    Jane Helleiner

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  • 4.   Working on Your Doorstep: Child newspaper deliverers in Belfast

    The aim of this study was to examine the notion that the work of paper-delivery that children commonly do tends to provide them with transferable skills

    Childhood, Vol: 9 Page: 190 2002
    Madeleine Leonard

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