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  • 1.   Benchmarking comparison survey of regional neonatal units

    This study aimed to explore a benchmarking comparison survey of regional neonatal units

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: 429-30 April 2007
    L. Hickey; C. Owens; T. Clarke

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  • 2.   Children's participation in healthcare in the UK--gesture, rhetoric, or real involvement?

    This article discusses the UK's recent national and international efforts to protect its thirteen million children and ensure that their voices are heard

    Bioethics Forum, Vol: 18 Page: 29-35 2002
    B. Carter

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  • 3.   Recruitment bias in a population-based study of children with cerebral palsy

    The aim of this study was to examine recruitment bias in a population-based study of locomotor ability in children with cerebral palsy

    Pediatrics, Vol: 118 Page: 1616-22 October 2006
    J. Parkes; C. Kerr; B. C. McDowell; A. P. Cosgrove

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