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  • 1.   Application of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to characterise and trace the prevalence of Enterobacter sakazakii in an infant formula processing facility

    The aim of this study was to examine the contamination of powdered infant formula by enterobacter sakazakii (E. sakazakii) and its processing environment was monitored

    Int J Food Microbiol, Vol: 116 Page: 73-81 May 2007
    N. R. Mullane; P. Whyte; P. G. Wall; T. Quinn; S. Fanning

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  • 2.   Calcium and vitamin D

    This article discusses the role of Calcium and Vitamin D in normal growth and development as well as maintenance of the skeleton

    Novartis Found Symp, Vol: 282 Page: 123-38; discussion 138-42, 212-8 2007
    K. D. Cashman

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  • 3.   Evaluation of an automated repetitive sequence-based PCR system for subtyping Enterobacter sakazakii

    This study examined the application of a repetitive sequence-based PCR typing method to subtype a previously well-characterized collection of E. sakazakii isolates of diverse origin

    J Food Prot, Vol: 71 Page: 1372-8 July 2008
    B. Healy; N. Mullane; V. Collin; S. Mailler; C. Iversen; S. Chatellier; M. Storrs; S. Fanning

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  • 4.   Heely injuries: a new epidemic warranting a government health warning!

    The aim of this study was to describe injuries as a result of the use of heelys

    Injury, Vol: 38 Page: 923-5 August 2007
    B. Lenehan; O. Callender; A. McIntyre; S. Boran; D. Moore; E. Fogarty; F. Dowling

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  • 5.   Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

    This article discusses pneumococcal infections and development of an effective vaccine

    Curr Opin Pediatr, Vol: 13 Page: 70-4 February 2001
    M. Ledwith

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  • 6.   Vaccine safety policy analysis in three European countries: the case of thimerosal

    The aim of this study was to examine the vaccine safety policy analysis in three European countries: the case of thimerosal

    Health Policy, Vol: 62 Page: 291-307 December 2002
    G. L. Freed; M. C. Andreae; A. E. Cowan; S. L. Katz

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