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  • 1.   Human recent thymic emigrants--identification, expansion, and survival characteristics

    The aim of this study was to examine in humans at birth, circulating T cells represent recent thymic emigrants as reflected in their high level of expression of TCR excision circles

    J Immunol, Vol: 167 Page: 1970-6 August 2001
    J. Hassan; D. J. Reen

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  • 2.   IL-7-regulated homeostatic maintenance of recent thymic emigrants in association with caspase-mediated cell proliferation and apoptotic cell death

    The aim of this study was to examine the mechanisms involved in the regulation of cytokine-mediated expansion of naive T cells in the absence of Ag, in particular the role of caspase activation and susceptibility to apoptosis of recent thymic emigrants

    J Immunol, Vol: 170 Page: 4524-31 May 2003
    R. M. O'Neill; J. Hassan; D. J. Reen

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