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  • 1.   Children's conceptions of characteristic features of category members

    The aim of this study was to examine children's conceptions of the characteristic features of category members (e.g. religion) and found that their conceptions underwent qualitative developmental changes

    Journal of Social Psychology, Vol: 140 Page: 227-239 2000
    Fabio Sani; Mark Bennett; Luisa Agostini; Lucilla Malucchi; Nicola Ferguson

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  • 2.   'It's Better to Stick to Your Own Kind': Teenagers' Views on Cross-Community Marriages in Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the attitudes of 80 teenagers growing up in one of the most contested localities in Northern Ireland to cross-community marriages, i.e. those between Catholics and Protestants.

    Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies, Vol: 35 Page: 97-113 2009
    Madeleine Leonard

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  • 3.   Understanding and negotiating identity: Children from cross-community families in public care in northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the gap in knowledge of children in the public care system from cross-community families who have one parent from a Catholic background and one from a Protestant background

    Child & Family Social Work, Vol: 10 Page: 331-342 2005
    Berni Kelly; Ruth Sinclair

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  • 4.   Young Men as Victims and Perpetrators of Violence in Northern Ireland: A Qualitative Analysis

    The aim of this study was to discuss issues of masculinity and violence in the lives of young men in disadvantaged areas in Northern Ireland.

    Journal of Social Issues, Vol: 60 Page: 469-484 2004
    Jacqueline Reilly; Orla T. Muldoon; Clare Byrne

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