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  • 1.   An evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of energy expenditure measured by heart rate and the Goldberg cut-off for energy intake: basal metabolic rate for identifying mis-reporting of energy intake by adults and children: a retrospective analysis

    This study sought to identify adults and children as under- (UR), acceptable (AR), or over-reporters (OR) of energy intake (EI) using energy expenditure measured by doubly labelled water

    Eur J Clin Nutr, Vol: 57 Page: 455-63 March 2003
    M. B. Livingstone; P. J. Robson; A. E. Black; W. A. Coward; J. M. Wallace; M. C. McKinley; J. J. Strain; P. G. McKenna

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  • 2.   Markers of the validity of reported energy intake

    This article discusses studies in which energy intake was reported and energy expenditure was measured using the doubly labeled water technique

    J Nutr, Vol: 133 Suppl 3 Page: 895S-920S March 2003
    M. B. Livingstone; A. E. Black

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