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  • 1.   Changing times

    This article discussed the improvement and obstacles to overcome to improve healthcare in the Travelling community

    Nursing in the Community, Vol: 9 Page: 8-9 2008 2008 Jan-Feb
    P. Gleeson

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  • 2.   Child seduction and self-representation on the Internet

    This case report discusses a man charged with the offense of downloading child pornography from the Internet.

    Cyberpsychol Behav, Vol: 4 Page: 597-608 October 2001
    E. Quayle; M. Taylor

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  • 3.   Childbirth and infant development knowledge gaps in interpersonal settings

    The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis which predicts that infusions of information into an environment will lead to knowledge gain by groups with higher socioeconomic status at rates that outpace the knowledge gain of lower SES groups

    J Health Commun, Vol: 3 Page: 29-51 1998 Jan-Mar
    C. Gaziano; J. O'Leary

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  • 4.   Ethical issues in the daily medical care of children

    The article discusses ethical issues in the daily medical care of children

    Eur J Pediatr, Vol: 165 Page: 83-6 February 2006
    R. Kurz; D. Gill; S. Mjones

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  • 5.   Informed consent: a patients' perspective

    The aim of this study was to examine informed consent from a patients perspective

    J Laryngol Otol, Vol: 119 Page: 19-22 January 2005
    P. Burns; I. Keogh; C. Timon

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  • 6.   Narratives of Irishness and the problem of abortion: the X case 1992

    This article discusses the ramifications of the 1992 "X Case" in which an Irish High Court rescinded the constitutional right to travel of a 14-year-old rape victim who intended to obtain an abortion in England

    Fem Rev, 1998 Autumn
    L. Smyth

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  • 7.   Obtaining consent for autopsy

    This article discusses obtaining consent for autopsy from grieving parents

    Bmj, Vol: 327 Page: 804-6 October 2003
    M. B. McDermott

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  • 8.   Parenting beliefs and practices of opiate-addicted parents: concealment and taboo

    The aim of this study was to examine parenting beliefs and practices in relation to children's exposure to drugs and the associated lifestyles are described

    Eur Addict Res, Vol: 9 Page: 113-9 July 2003
    D. M. Hogan

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  • 9.   Suspected child abuse: communicating with a child and her mother

    This case report discusses how the value judgments of the health professionals involved affected the interaction between themselves and a mother with her injured child who presented at an accident and emergency department

    J Pediatr Nurs, Vol: 17 Page: 229-35 June 2002
    B. Reid; A. Long

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  • 10.   The care of children from ethnic minorities in our hospitals

    This article discusses the care of ethnic minorities in Irish hospitals

    Ir Med J, Vol: 96 Page: 69 March 2003
    E. Daly

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  • 11.   Valuing communication

    The article discusses this year's Northern Ireland Community Nursing Network Conference, with one of the central themes the importance of effective communication in delivering health care.

    Community Practitioner, Vol: 78 Page: 121-123 2005
    G. Donaghy

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  • 12.   Widening the dimensions of care

    This article discusses health care from a wider, holistic, approach

    Emerg Nurse, Vol: 13 Page: 18-24 July 2005
    C. O'Mahoney

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