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  • 1.   A Survey of parental knowledge of paediatric oral health in Ireland [1]

    The aim of this study was to examine parental knowledge of pediatric oral health in Ireland

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 97 Page: 53-55 2004
    A. C. Lau; R. R. Agarwal; T. Banerjee; P. Gallagher; Y. Naughton; A. C. O'Connell

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  • 2.   Chewing side preferences in children

    The aim of this study was to describe chewing side preferences in children

    J Oral Rehabil, Vol: 31 Page: 855-60 September 2004
    S. T. Mc Donnell; M. P. Hector; A. Hannigan

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  • 3.   Health visitors' awareness of local service accessibility

    This study aimed to assess study health visitors throughout the United Kingdom on their knowledge on, and the accessibility of, services to young families, in the areas in which health visitors practiced

    Community Pract, Vol: 79 Page: 84-8 March 2006
    A. J. Brassett-Harknett; H. Joshi; N. Butier; R. Bryar

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  • 4.   Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young (MODY) type 3 [1]

    This case report discusses maturity onset diabetes in the young - type 3

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 98 Page: 28-29 2005
    M. C. Samaan; A. Brennan; H. Fitzgerald; E. F. Roche; H. M. C. V. Hoey

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  • 5.   Prevalence and awareness of excess weight in 13 and 14 year olds in Northern Ireland using recent international guidelines

    This international study recorded measurement of height and weight to examine the current prevalence of these measures of anthropometry in children in developed countries

    Acta Paediatr, Vol: 90 Page: 1435-9 December 2001
    J. W. Yarnell; E. E. McCrum; C. C. Patterson; P. Skidmore; M. D. Shields; J. McMahon; A. E. Evans

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  • 6.   The global classroom: Advancing cultural awareness in special schools through collaborative work using ICT

    The aim of this study was to examine research on cross-national collaboration through Information and Communications Technology within the statutory curricula of 10 special schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 19 Page: 225-240 2004
    L. Abbott; R. Austin; A. Mulkeen; N. Metcalfe

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  • 7.   Young women's positive and negative perceptions of self in Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to understand the everyday lives and experiences of young women in Northern Ireland.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 167-184 2007
    Siobhán McAlister; Gail Neill

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