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  • 1.   Abused and Looked After Children as 'Moral Dirt': Child Abuse and Institutional Care in Historical Perspective

    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis in the context of the concept of child abuse

    Journal of Social Policy, Vol: 36 Page: 123-139 2007
    Harry Ferguson

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  • 2.   Child abuse victims fear loss of benefits if they are compensated

    This article discusses how child abuse victims fear loss of benefits if they are compensated

    Community Care, 2002
    Anthony Garvey

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  • 3.   Child protection: an unreflective practice

    This article discusses a case of child abuse to illustrates the dissonance between the 'official' child protection discourse and the complexities and dilemmas of everyday practice

    Social Work Education, Vol: 19 Page: 253-263 2000
    Helen Buckley

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  • 4.   Facing What Cannot be Changed: The Irish Experience of Confronting Institutional Child Abuse

    This article examines the process of dealing with historic child abuse in the Republic of Ireland

    Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law, Vol: 29 Page: 245-263 2007
    Carol Brennan

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  • 5.   Social Work in Ireland

    This article discusses several articles pertaining to child social service in Ireland

    British Journal of Social Work, 2001
    Alastair Christie

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  • 6.   Three more centres for Irish victims

    This article discusses resource centres for victims of Institutional Child abuse

    Community Care, 2002

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