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  • 1.   A clinical audit of the Hakim programmable valve in patients with complex hydrocephalus

    The aim of this study was to audit the pattern of use of the Hakim (Medos) programmable valve implanted in patients with complex hydrocephalus and their clinical outcome

    Br J Neurosurg, Vol: 14 Page: 535-42 December 2000
    A. D. Kay; A. J. Fisher; C. O'Kane; H. K. Richards; J. D. Pickard

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  • 2.   Accident and emergency department access to the child protection register: a questionnaire survey

    This study aimed to explore how United Kingdom accident and emergency departments access the child protection register, their levels of satisfaction with that access and their criteria for checking the register

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 19 Page: 136-7 March 2002
    G. Quin; R. Evans

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  • 3.   Ambulatory paediatrics: does it work?

    This study aimed to determine whether a paediatric ambulatory assessment service is an effective and acceptable replacement for an inpatient unit, through analysis of hospital paediatric medical admissions

    Ir Med J, Vol: 95 Page: 41-4 February 2002
    C. Macleod; G. McElroy; D. O'Loan; F. Kennedy; R. M. Kerr; J. Jenkins; J. Lim

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  • 4.   Background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    This article discusses background and methods for evaluating quality of life in children and adolescents with diabetes

    Acta Biomed, Vol: 74 Suppl 1 Page: 7-12 2003
    H. M. Hoey

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  • 5.   Breast is best for GPs--or is it? Breastfeeding attitudes and practice of general practitioners in the Mid-West of Ireland

    This study aimed to explore General Practitioners in the Mid-West to ascertain their attitudes and practice in relation to breastfeeding

    Ir Med J, Vol: 97 Page: 268-70 October 2004
    B. Finneran; K. Murphy

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  • 6.   Child physical abuse: health professionals' perceptions, diagnosis and responses

    This study aimed to explore primary health professionals' perceptions of, and ability, to recognize child physical abuse in their practice.

    Br J Community Nurs, Vol: 9 Page: 332-8 August 2004
    M. Russell; A. Lazenbatt; R. Freeman; W. Marcenes

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  • 7.   Commentary on Lee P (2007) What does partnership in care mean for children's nurses? Journal of Clinical Nursing 16, 518-526

    This article discusses the meaning of partnership in care for children’s nurses

    J Clin Nurs, Vol: 17 Page: 1395-6 May 2008
    I. Coyne

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  • 8.   Day service programmes for people with a severe intellectual disability and quality of life: Parent and staff perspectives

    This study examines the contributions of a community and campus based day programme to the quality of life of programme participants with a severe level of intellectual disability from the perspective of parents and staff.

    J Intellect Disabil, Vol: 12 Page: 153-72 June 2008
    E. Hartnett; P. Gallagher; G. Kiernan; C. Poulsen; E. Gilligan; M. Reynolds

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  • 9.   Decision making in asthma exacerbation: a clinical judgement analysis

    This study aimed to explore a clinical judgement analysis, which provides a methodology for comparing decisions between practitioners with different training and experience, and improving decision making on acute asthma attacks

    Arch Dis Child, Vol: 92 Page: 672-7 August 2007
    J. Jenkins; M. Shields; C. Patterson; F. Kee

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  • 10.   Delegation in paediatric anaesthesia: a postal survey

    This study aimed to explore the consensus view from United Kingdom paediatric anaesthetic consultants of what practical skills are safe and appropriate for an anaesthetic trainee to perform during an initial 3-month module in paediatric anaesthesia

    Paediatr Anaesth, Vol: 11 Page: 349-54 May 2001
    G. R. Lauder

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  • 11.   Doctors' and nurses' attitudes towards neonatal ethical decision making in Ireland

    This study aimed to explore clinical staff attitudes towards ethical decision making in neonatal intensive care units in Ireland, to establish differences between doctors and nurses and to compare attitudes in Ireland with those in Europe

    Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed, Vol: 93 Page: F217-21 May 2008
    M. C. Samaan; M. Cuttini; V. Casotto; C. A. Ryan

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  • 12.   Education for asthma care: lessons from Ireland

    This article discusses a professional development module designed to meet the education needs of nurses caring for children with asthma and their families

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 34-6 September 2007
    M. Clynes; C. Barron; C. Imelda

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  • 13.   Exclusion of androgen insensitivity syndrome in girls with inguinal hernias: current surgical practice

    This study aimed to explore the current surgical practice of exclusion of androgen insensitivity syndrome in girls with inguinal hernias

    Pediatr Surg Int, Vol: 18 Page: 701-3 December 2002
    D. M. Burge; I. S. Sugarman

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  • 14.   Health visitors' awareness of local service accessibility

    This study aimed to assess study health visitors throughout the United Kingdom on their knowledge on, and the accessibility of, services to young families, in the areas in which health visitors practiced

    Community Pract, Vol: 79 Page: 84-8 March 2006
    A. J. Brassett-Harknett; H. Joshi; N. Butier; R. Bryar

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  • 15.   Outpatient experiences in acute hospitals

    The aim of this study was to examine the views of outpatient department attendees on the quality of service received

    Ir J Med Sci, Vol: 171 Page: 89-93 2002 Apr-Jun
    C. De Brun; F. Howell; D. Bedford; R. Corcoran; A. Kelly

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  • 16.   Parent and health professional perspectives in the management of adolescents with diabetes: development of assessment instruments for international studies

    The aim of this study was to assess quality of life in adolescents with diabetes

    Qual Life Res, Vol: 15 Page: 1033-42 August 2006
    H. Hoey; H. M. McGee; M. Fitzgerald; H. B. Mortensen; P. Hougaard; H. Lynggaard; S. E. Skovlund; H. J. Aanstoot; F. Chiarelli; D. Daneman; T. Danne; H. Dorchy; P. Garandeau; S. Greene; R. Holl; E. Kaprio; M. Kocova; P. Martul; N. Matsuura; K. Robertson; E. Schoenle; O. Sovik; P. Swift; R. M. Tsou; M. Vanelli; J. Aman

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  • 17.   Parents' and nurses' attitudes to family-centred care: an Irish perspective

    This study describes attitudes of parents and nurses to the model of care delivery on an in-patient children's unit in a regional general hospital

    J Clin Nurs, Vol: 16 Page: 2341-8 December 2007
    M. Hughes

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  • 18.   Participatory nurse/client relationships: perceptions of public health nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    The aim of this study was to determine similarities in perceptions on participation between nurses and mothers of vulnerable families

    Appl Nurs Res, Vol: 21 Page: 169-72 August 2008
    H. Mulcahy; G. McCarthy

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  • 19.   Professional carers' experiences of providing a pediatric palliative care service in Ireland

    This article discusses professional carers' experiences of providing a pediatric palliative care service in Ireland

    Qual Health Res, Vol: 17 Page: 1219-31 November 2007
    J. Clarke; S. Quin

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  • 20.   Quality in preventive and health-promoting services: constructing an understanding through process

    This study aimed to explore the development of a model of service quality for health-promoting services

    Journal of Nursing Management, Vol: 14 Page: 472-482 2006
    S. Hanafin; S. Cowley

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  • 21.   Recognizing and reporting child physical abuse: a survey of primary healthcare professionals

    This study aimed to explore the self-reported ability and behaviours of primary healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland to recognise child physical abuse

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 56 Page: 227-36 November 2006
    A. Lazenbatt; R. Freeman

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  • 22.   Relative analgesia and general dental practitioners: attitudes and intentions to provide conscious sedation for paediatric dental extractions

    This study aimed to explore the attitudes and intentions of general dental practitioners who work within the remit of the National Health Service to provide relative analgesia for paediatric extraction

    Int J Paediatr Dent, Vol: 13 Page: 320-6 September 2003
    R. Freeman; P. Carson

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  • 23.   Symptoms suffered by life-limited children that cause anxiety to UK children's hospice staff

    The aim of this study was to examine the symptoms which cause anxiety to staff working in children's hospices

    Int J Palliat Nurs, Vol: 12 Page: 254-8 June 2006
    H. L. McCluggage

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  • 24.   The continuing decline of autopsies in clinical trials: is there any way back?

    This article discusses continuing decline of autopsies in clinical trials

    Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed, Vol: 89 Page: F198-9 May 2004
    M. McDermott

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  • 25.   Understanding and addressing the "neglect of neglect": why are we making a mole-hill out of a mountain?

    This article discusses understanding and addressing the "neglect of neglect"

    Child Abuse Negl, Vol: 31 Page: 607-14 June 2007
    D. McSherry

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