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  • 1.   Amnesty International and Human Rights Education

    This article discusses the range of programmes and activities that amnesty international provide for schools in human rights education

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 302-308 2003
    Fiona Murphy; Brian Ruane

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  • 2.   Children's citizenship and the structuring of adult-child relations in the primary school

    This study describes the experience of school in terms of children's citizenship, exploring participation level experienced by a sample of Irish primary school children over decisions related to the control of their time, space and interaction in school

    Childhood, Vol: 9 Page: 303 2002
    Dympna Devine

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  • 3.   Children's citizenship education in politically sensitive societies

    This article discusses issues around citizenship at both an individual and collective level

    Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research, Vol: 14 Page: 487-503 2007
    Madeleine Leonard

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  • 4.   Citizenship and the Biopolitics of Post-nationalist Ireland

    This article discusses a constitutional amendment to deprive children born on the island of Ireland of their previously automatic right to Irish citizenship, setting the referendum in its historical and contemporary context

    Journal of Law & Society, Vol: 32 Page: 424-449 2005
    John A. Harrington

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  • 5.   Demographic Modernity in Ireland: A Cultural Analysis of Citizenship, Migration, and Fertility

    The aim of this study was to examine the changing demographic and related cultural conditions corresponding with the referendum concerning citizenship by birth through three interrelated yet analytically distinguishable strands:

    Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (JSAE), Vol: 8 Page: 5-17 2008
    Veerendra Lele

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  • 6.   Many childhoods?

    This article discusses articles on child research - including adult regulation of children's play, citizenship, employment, engagement of children as active thinking beings, childhood health and disability

    Childhood, 2004
    Chris Jenks

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  • 7.   Review of Mother and child: Maternity and child welfare in Dublin, 1922-60

    Book Review: Mother and child: Maternity and child welfare in Dublin,

    Journal of Gender Studies, Vol: 17 Page: 177-179 2008
    Myrtle Hill

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  • 8.   The Celtic Cubs: The Controversy over Birthright Citizenship in Ireland

    This article discusses the debates on Irish birthright citizenship following a referendum on June 11, 2004

    European Journal of Migration & Law, Vol: 6 Page: 173-193
    Bernard Ryan

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  • 9.   The Need for Human Rights Education in Northern Ireland: A Pupil Survey

    The aim of this study was to examine knowledge of human rights in Northern Ireland postprimary schoolchildren

    Peace & Conflict, Vol: 12 Page: 251-268 2006
    Ulrike Niens; Jacqueline Reilly; Roisin McLaughlin

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  • 10.   Young people's participation in a new Northern Ireland society

    This article discusses the extent to which young people are given the opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of Northern Irish society in the post conflict situation

    Youth & Society, Vol: 32 Page: 107-137 2000
    Goretti Horgan; Paula Rodgers

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