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Accidental Falls

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  • 1.   Heely injuries: a new epidemic warranting a government health warning!

    The aim of this study was to describe injuries as a result of the use of heelys

    Injury, Vol: 38 Page: 923-5 August 2007
    B. Lenehan; O. Callender; A. McIntyre; S. Boran; D. Moore; E. Fogarty; F. Dowling

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  • 2.   Paediatric spinal trauma and associated injuries

    This study described the unique features of spinal injuries in children, and assessed the incidence and pattern of associated injuries

    Injury, Vol: 38 Page: 188-93 February 2007
    M. Leonard; J. Sproule; D. McCormack

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  • 3.   Reconstruction of real world head injury accidents resulting from falls using multibody dynamics

    This article discusses the reconstruction of real life head injury accidents resulting from falls using multibody modelling software, with the aim of comparing simulation output to injuries sustained

    Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon), Vol: 18 Page: 590-600 August 2003
    K. O'Riordain; P. M. Thomas; J. P. Phillips; M. D. Gilchrist

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  • 4.   The use of accident reconstruction for the analysis of traumatic brain injury due to head impacts arising from falls

    The aim of this study was to reconstruct and analyse real world cases of accidental head injury

    Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin, Vol: 9 Page: 371-7 December 2006
    M. C. Doorly; M. D. Gilchrist

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