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  • 1.   A Sociocultural Perspective on Children's Understanding of Historical Change: Comparative Findings From Northern Ireland and the United States

    The aim of the study was to examine the extent to which specific forms of historical representation in Northern Ireland and the United States serve as "cultural tools" that shape understanding of change over time

    American Educational Research Journal, Vol: 38 Page: 881-913
    Keith C. Barton

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  • 2.   Barriers to inclusion: A case study of a pupil with severe learning difficulties in Ireland

    This case report discusses the inclusion of a pupil with a severe general learning difficulty in a four-teacher mainstream primary school, located in rural Ireland

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 20 Page: 41-56 2005
    E. Ring; J. Travers

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  • 3.   Children and Socio-Cultural Divisions in Northern Ireland

    This article focuses development in young children and those in middle childhood

    Journal of Social Issues, Vol: 60 Page: 507-522 2004
    Karen Trew

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  • 4.   'Oh, that's a tricky piece!': Children, mediated action, and the tools of historical time

    This study describes findings from a study of elementary children's understanding of historical time.

    The Elementary School Journal, Vol: 103 Page: 161-185 2002
    Keith C. Barton

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  • 5.   Symbolic functioning and language development in children with Down syndrome

    The aim of this study was to investigate further symbolic functioning and language in children with Down syndrome by exploring truly symbolic play as opposed to functional play, as well as the understanding of a graded set of novel symbols

    Int J Lang Commun Disord, Vol: 41 Page: 155-71 2006 Mar-Apr
    C. O'Toole; S. Chiat

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  • 6.   Teenagers' difficulties with key words regarding the criminal court process

    The aim of this study was to examine the understanding/misunderstanding of key legal words by older children

    Psychology, Crime & Law, Vol: 12 Page: 653-667 2006
    Emma Crawford; Ray Bull

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