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  • 1.   "A Good Beating Never Hurt Anyone": The Punishment and Abuse of Children in Twentieth Century Ireland

    This article examines corporal punishment in Ireland, in policy and practice, from the 1930s to the 1980s

    Journal of Social History, Vol: 38 Page: 635-652 2005 Spring2005
    Moira J. Maguire; Sé Ó Cinnéide

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  • 2.   A reflective training model for professionals working with parents of children with developmental disability

    This abstract reports on an action research study, spanning a six-month period, during which a new reflective training model was developed with 19 professionals working in the area of developmental disability

    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, Vol: 44 Page: 436-437 2000
    B. Redmond

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  • 3.   A Retrospective Critical Analysis of Family Support in Practice within a Residential Care Setting

    The aim of this study was to examine the importance of reflection and how it promotes greater levels of partnership and consultation with the service users and their families in a residential care unit specialising in working with children and families

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 49-55 2007
    Jeanne Thorne

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    This article discusses the Christmas visit for foster children planned by social workers in County Kildare, Ireland

    Community Care, 2005
    Graham Hopkins

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  • 5.   Abused and Looked After Children as 'Moral Dirt': Child Abuse and Institutional Care in Historical Perspective

    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis in the context of the concept of child abuse

    Journal of Social Policy, Vol: 36 Page: 123-139 2007
    Harry Ferguson

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  • 6.   Achieving Consensus in Developing a National Set of Child Well-Being Indicators

    This article discusses an account of the methodology used to gain consensus around the development of a national set of child well-being indicators

    Social Indicators Research, Vol: 80 Page: 79-104 2007
    Sinead Hanafin; Anne-Marie Brooks; Ed Carroll; Eithne Fitzgerald; Saoirse Gabhainn; Jane Sixsmith

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  • 7.   Adoption and Long-Term Fostering: Themes from Research

    This article has been prepared to explore the current literature on adoption and long-term foster care

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 156 2003
    Sean Mulligan

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  • 8.   Agency shake-up for Northern Ireland

    This article discusses that the creation of multi-agency, interdisciplinary teams to assess and investigate children's welfare in Northern Ireland is likely to be recommended by an inquiry into welfare services in 2002

    Community Care, 2002

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  • 9.   Alcohol consumption among 11-16 year olds: 'Getting around' structural barriers?

    This study describes qualitative data from Irish children and adolescents on their experiences in relation to alcohol consumption

    Nursing & Health Sciences, Vol: 3 Page: 237-245 2001
    Abbey Hyde; Margaret Treacy; Jennie Boland; Teresa Whitaker; Pilar Santos Abaunza; Barbara Knox

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  • 10.   An Investigation into How Chinese Children in Northern Ireland Deal with Ethnic Difference

    This study aimed to explore the ways that the Chinese children deal with the problem of ethnic background and cultural difference in their practical, local context

    Conference Papers -- American Sociological Association, 2003/08/16/2003 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
    bing Feng

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  • 11.   Asymmetric deterioration of spatial awareness with diminishing levels of alertness in normal children and children with ADHD

    The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between sustained attention and left spatial awareness in childhood

    Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol: 46 Page: 1230-1248 2005
    V. B. Dobler; S. Anker; J. Gilmore; I. H. Robertson; J. Atkinson; T. Manly

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  • 12.   Bearing Witness: Supporting Parents and Children in the Transition to Peace

    This article seeks to provide a brief overview of group work with parents in two working-class communities have been deeply affected by decades of political conflict in the North/Northern Ireland,

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 10 Page: 107-125 2004
    Rosie Burrows; Brid Keenan

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  • 13.   Biosocial Perspectives on Children (Book Review)

    Book Review: Biosocial Perspectives on Children

    International Social Work, Vol: 43 Page: 271-273 2000
    Maire Nic Ghiolla Phadraig

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  • 14.   'Care just changes your life': Factors impacting upon the mental health of children and young people with experiences of care in Northern Ireland

    This study represents one element of a research project carried out into the mental health needs of children and young people with experiences of care in Northern Ireland.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 417-434 2007
    Christine Mullan; Siobhán McAlister; Fiona Rollock; Lelia Fitzsimons

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  • 15.   Chapter 3: A Focus on the Personal and Structural: Resilience Explored

    This article discusses resilience in children attending a youth project in Limerick

    Child & Youth Services, Vol: 29 Page: 57-69 2007

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  • 16.   Child impact statements: protecting children's interests in policy and provision?

    The aim of this study was to examine the rational of child impact statements - a tool for assessing the potential impact of policy, provision, legislation etc on children

    Journal of Children's Services, Vol: 2 Page: 30-43 2007
    Carmel Corrigan

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  • 17.   Child Poverty in Northern Ireland: The Limits of Welfare-to-Work Policies

    This article argues that even the less ambitious child poverty targets announced by the Department of Work and Pensions at the end of 2003 will not be met unless there is a fundamental change in the government's approach

    Social Policy & Administration, Vol: 39 Page: 49-64 2005
    Goretti Horgan

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  • 18.   Child protection: an unreflective practice

    This article discusses a case of child abuse to illustrates the dissonance between the 'official' child protection discourse and the complexities and dilemmas of everyday practice

    Social Work Education, Vol: 19 Page: 253-263 2000
    Helen Buckley

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  • 19.   Children in care used in drugs tests

    This article discusses an article concerning children in care being used in drug tests

    Community Care, 2002

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  • 20.   Children of 'mixed religion' ignored

    This article discusses research which found that the needs of looked-after children in Northern Ireland whose parents have different religious backgrounds are not being met.

    Community Care, 2003

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  • 21.   Children's Commissioners

    This article discusses health related issues of children in Northern Ireland and England

    Children & Society, Vol: 16 Page: 284-286 2002
    Lisa Payne

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  • 22.   Children's Concepts of Health and Illness: Understanding of Contagious Illnesses, Non-Contagious Illnesses and Injuries

    The aim of this study was to provide a more comprehensive picture of children's understanding of illness and injury

    Journal of Health Psychology, Vol: 10 Page: 805-819 2005
    Katherine A. Myant; Joanne M. Williams

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  • 23.   Children's drawings as a methodological tool: reflections on the eleven plus system in Northern Ireland

    This article discusses appropriate methodologies for researching children's lives

    Irish Journal of Sociology, Vol: 15 Page: 52-66 2006
    Madeleine Leonard

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  • 24.   Childrens', parents', and teachers' perceptions of child wellbeing

    The aim of this study was to present an exploration of parents', teachers' and childrens' perspectives on children's understanding of wellbeing

    Health Education, Vol: 107 Page: 511-523 2007
    Jane Sixsmith; Saoirse Nic Gabhainn; Collette Fleming; Sioban O'Higgins

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  • 25.   Choosing for the Children: The Affiliation of the Children of Minority -- Majority Group Intermarriages

    The aim of this study was to examine intergenerational transmission of group affiliation in minority-majority group intermarriages

    European Sociological Review, Vol: 19 Page: 483-499 2003
    Fjalar Finnäs; Richard O'Leary

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  • 26.   Coeliac disease: effect of early feeding on the incidence of the disease

    The aim of this study was to describe effect of early feeding on the coeliac disease

    Early Human Development, Vol: 65 Page: S153-S160 2001
    Olle Hernell; Anneli Ivarsson; Lars Ĺke Persson

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  • 27.   Concern deepens over Ireland's missing asylum-seeking children

    This article discusses Irelands missing asylum seeker children

    Community Care, 2005
    Amy Taylor

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  • 28.   Conflict, Contact, and Education in Northern Ireland

    This article outlines educational responses to the conflict in Northern Ireland designed to promote intergroup harmony

    Theory Into Practice, Vol: 44 Page: 337-344
    Ulrike Niens; Ed Cairns

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  • 29.   Constructing an integrated model of the nature of challenging behaviour: A starting point for intervention

    This article discusses constructing an integrated model on the nature of challenging behaviour as a starting point for intervention

    Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, Vol: 11 Page: 217-232 2006
    Claire W. Lyons; Fiona O'Connor

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  • 30.   Current Literature

    Commentary: Food Allergic reactions in children in United Kingdom and Ireland

    Child: Care, Health and Development, Vol: 31 Page: 741-745 2005
    Richard Reading

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  • 31.   Daycare needs of young disabled

    This article reports on the result of the study on the daycare needs of disabled children under the age of five in Northern Ireland.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 32.   Diagnosis and management of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults with and without learning disability

    This study aimed to explore clinical practice of Irish consultant psychiatrists when assessing and treating symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults with and without a learning disability.

    Psychiatric Bulletin, Vol: 30 Page: 251-253 2006
    Sarah Buckley; Philip Dodd; Amanda Burke; Suzanne Guerin; John McEvoy; John Hillery

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  • 33.   'Discussion groups with parents of children with cerebral palsy in Europe designed to assist development of a relevant measure of environment': Erratum

    Erratum: Discussion groups with parents of children with cerebal palsy in Europe designed to assist development of a relevant measure of environment

    Child: Care, Health and Development, Vol: 32 Page: 393-393 2006
    V. McManus; S. I. Michelsen; K. Parkinson; A. Colver; E. Beckung; O. Pez; B. Caravale

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  • 34.   Editorial

    This article discusses the policy review by John Pinkerton provides a fascinating insight into Ireland's National Children's Strategy.

    Children & Society, Vol: 15 Page: 55-56 2001
    Nigel Parton; Gillian Pugh

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  • 35.   Editorial

    This article discusses several articles on issues about children and society, including a policy review of Ireland's National Children’s Strategy

    Children & Society, Vol: 14 Page: 83-84 2000
    Gillian Pugh; Nigel Parton

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  • 36.   Effective government structures for children?: The UK's four Children's Commissioners

    This article discusses the significance of differences in the respective Commissioners' ability to carry out individual case-work for children and for implementation of the UNCRC in the UK

    Child & Family Law Quarterly, Vol: 17 Page: 37-53 2005
    Jane Williams

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  • 37.   Energy efficiency in gait, activity, participation, and health status in children with cerebral palsy

    The aim of this study was to examine if a relationship exists between the energy efficiency of gait, and measures of activity limitation, participation restriction, and health status in a representative sample of children with cerebral palsy

    Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, Vol: 50 Page: 204-210 2008
    Claire Kerr; Jackie Parkes; Mike Stevenson; Aidan P. Cosgrove; Brona C. McDowell

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  • 38.   Ethical research practices across disciplinary boundaries: The process of research involving children with a visual impairment

    This article discusses the distinction between ethical and methodological approaches to research involving children and vulnerable groups

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 14 Page: 217-228 2008
    Colette Gray; Sheelagh Carville

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  • 39.   Evaluating early years intervention

    This article reports on the involvement of National Children's Bureau (NBC) North Ireland (NI) with other researchers in a large-scale evaluation of early years interventions in Northern Ireland.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 40.   Evidence-based practice in family therapy and systemic consultation I Child-focused problems

    This article discusses the effectiveness of family therapy as a treatment alone or as part of a multimodal or multisystemic treatment programme for child abuse and neglect, conduct problems, emotional problems and psychosomatic problems

    Journal of Family Therapy, Vol: 22 Page: 29 2000
    Alan Carr

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  • 41.   Exemplar training and a derived transformation of function in accordance with symmetry

    This study aimed to determine whether exemplar training would readily facilitate the transformation of function in accordance with symmetry

    Psychological Record, Vol: 51 Page: 287-308 2001
    Yvonne Barnes-Holmes; Dermot Barnes-Holmes; Bryan Roche; Paul M. Smeets

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  • 42.   Extra funding for Northern Ireland

    The article discusses the impact of extra funding given by the government on the health and social services in Northern Ireland

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 43.   Facing What Cannot be Changed: The Irish Experience of Confronting Institutional Child Abuse

    This article examines the process of dealing with historic child abuse in the Republic of Ireland

    Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law, Vol: 29 Page: 245-263 2007
    Carol Brennan

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  • 44.   Focus groups versus individual interviews with children: A comparison of data

    This study reports on the use of focus groups and interviews to collect qualitative data from 116 children in three age groups, with mean ages of 8.4,11.5 and 14.3 years

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 58-68 2006
    Caroline Heary; Eilis Hennessy

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    This article focused on the policy of the Irish government regarding victims of institutional abuse, with emphasis on the Residential Institutions Redress Act of 2002

    Community Care, 2002
    Allison Taylor

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  • 46.   Freeing for Adoption in Northern Ireland: A Policy Analysis

    The aim of this study was to examine the operation of the freeing order procedure - a procedure that enables the court to vest parental rights in an adoption agency - in Northern Ireland.

    Research on Social Work Practice, Vol: 10 Page: 787-800 2000
    Greg Kelly; Emma Ince

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  • 47.   From Parity to Subsidiarity? Children's Policy in Northern Ireland Under New Labour: The Case of Child Welfare

    This article discusses the devolution agenda of New Labour is related to the progress being made in the peace process and its implications for children's policy considered through focusing on child welfare.

    Children & Society, Vol: 17 Page: 254-260 2003
    John Pinkerton

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    This article offers news briefs related to child care services in Great Britain. The Ulster-Scots Agency in Northern Ireland has incurred Ł3 million cash for the youth's school program.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 49.   Funds needed for children strategy

    This article discusses the failure of the Northern Ireland government to provide funding to implement its 10-year anti-poverty strategy for children and young people

    Community Care, 2004

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  • 50.   Getting research into practice: Healing damaged attachment processes in infancy

    The aim of this study was to examine the promotion of positive attachment in early infancy - explore the evidence base, summarised the findings, and devise an implementation process.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 81-90 2005
    Tony Newman; Benny McDaniel

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  • 51.   How dangerous is food allergy in childhood? The incidence of severe and fatal allergic reactions across the UK and Ireland

    This paper discussed the incidence of severe and fatal food related allergic reactions across the UK and Ireland in children

    Child: Care, Health & Development, Vol: 28 Page: 432-432 2002
    Richard Reading

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