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  • 1.   Anti-epileptic drugs in pregnancy: current safety and other issues

    This article discusses the need for women with epilepsy to both take their medication but also consider the effect of anti-epileptic drugs on their developing fetus

    Expert Opin Pharmacother, Vol: 4 Page: 445-56 April 2003
    J. I. Morrow; J. J. Craig

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  • 2.   Better caring for Muslim patients

    This article discusses how a better understanding of the beliefs of Muslim patients will aid healthcare workers to provide optimal care for them

    World of Irish Nursing & Midwifery, Vol: 14 Page: 24-25 2006
    A. Mughees

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  • 3.   Book reviews

    Book Review: History midwifery in Ireland

    Nursing History Review, Vol: 15 Page: 169-209 2007
    C. Connolly; J. S. MacQueen; T. M. O'Neill; C. Helmstadter; J. M. Casavant; K. D. Vuic; M. K. Hanlon; L. S. Slifka; I. Kadmon; P. D'Antonio; S. Grypma; M. L. Porter; J. C. Whelan; R. Fox; L. M. Dunphy; J. Gilbride; J. Buck; M. Rutherford; P. A. White; V. L. Bullough

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  • 4.   Consent and the law

    This article discusses consent and the law

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 6 July 2007
    F. MacLeod

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  • 5.   Emergency contraception use by Irish teenagers

    The aim of this study was to audit emergency contraceptive use by Irish teenagers

    European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, Vol: 10 Page: 26-28 2005
    S. Jones

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