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Cross-Cultural Comparison

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  • 1.   Children talking: emerging perspectives and experiences of cigarette smoking

    This study examines the perceptions, beliefs and motivations of young people regarding smoking and health

    Qual Health Res, Vol: 17 Page: 238-49 February 2007
    M. P. Treacy; A. Hyde; J. Boland; T. Whitaker; P. S. Abaunza; B. J. Stewart-Knox

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  • 2.   Deliberate self-harm within an international community sample of young people: comparative findings from the Child & Adolescent Self-harm in Europe (CASE) Study

    The aim of this study was to describe a seven-country comparative community study of deliberate self-harm among young people

    J Child Psychol Psychiatry, Vol: 49 Page: 667-77 June 2008
    N. Madge; A. Hewitt; K. Hawton; E. J. de Wilde; P. Corcoran; S. Fekete; K. van Heeringen; D. De Leo; M. Ystgaard

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  • 3.   Food allergy QoL questionnaire for children aged 0-12 years: content, construct, and cross-cultural validity

    This study developed a sensitive, multi-dimensional measure to assess parental perception of health-related QoL in children aged 0-12 years with food allergy

    Clin Exp Allergy, Vol: 38 Page: 977-86 June 2008
    A. DunnGalvin; B. M. de BlokFlokstra; A. W. Burks; A. E. Dubois; J. O. Hourihane

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  • 4.   Good metabolic control is associated with better quality of life in 2,101 adolescents with type 1 diabetes

    The aim of this study was to assess if good metabolic control or the consequences of poor control have a greater influence on quality of life of adolescents with diabetes and their families

    Diabetes Care, Vol: 24 Page: 1923-8 November 2001
    H. Hoey; H. J. Aanstoot; F. Chiarelli; D. Daneman; T. Danne; H. Dorchy; M. Fitzgerald; P. Garandeau; S. Greene; R. Holl; P. Hougaard; E. Kaprio; M. Kocova; H. Lynggaard; P. Martul; N. Matsuura; H. M. McGee; H. B. Mortensen; K. Robertson; E. Schoenle; O. Sovik; P. Swift; R. M. Tsou; M. Vanelli; J. Aman

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  • 5.   Health indicators and intellectual disability

    This review summarises recent publications about the role of indicators in gathering optimal health information on behalf of people with intellectual disability

    Curr Opin Psychiatry, Vol: 21 Page: 474-8 September 2008
    P. N. Walsh

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  • 6.   Influence on self-rated health of socio-demographic, lifestyle and affluence factors: an analysis of the Irish and International Health Behaviours Among School-Aged Children (HBSC) datasets 1998

    The aim of this study was to examine influences on self reported health among young people

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: suppl 43-6 September 2007
    C. C. Kelleher; J. Tay; S. N. Gabhainn

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  • 7.   Moral reasoning among Nigerian and northern Irish children: A cross-cultural comparison using the Sociomoral Reflection Measure--Short Form

    The aim of the study was to examine the moral reasoning of 37 10-11 yr old Nigerian children was compared to 48 children of the same age from Northern Ireland

    IFE Psychologia: An International Journal, Vol: 9 Page: 1-6 2001
    Neil Ferguson; Catherine S. Willis; Alice Tilley

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  • 8.   Social capital, life expectancy and mortality: a cross-national examination

    This article analyses the relationship between social capital and population health.

    Soc Sci Med, Vol: 56 Page: 2367-77 June 2003
    B. Kennelly; E. O'Shea; E. Garvey

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