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Quality Indicators, Health Care

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  • 1.   Audit of acute hypoglycaemia in children: re-audit of procedures for diagnosis

    The aim of this study was to audit the collection of samples to investigate unexplained hypoglycaemia

    Ann Clin Biochem, Vol: 45 Page: 486-8 September 2008
    T. F. Lang; D. Cardy; D. Carson; C. M. Loughrey; E. Hanna

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  • 2.   Child protection procedures in emergency departments

    This study aimed to explore Emergency departments to ascertain current procedures for identifying and managing child abuse

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 24 Page: 831-5 December 2007
    P. Sidebotham; T. Biu; L. Goldsworthy

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  • 3.   Improvement in neonatal intensive care in Northern Ireland through sharing of audit data

    The aim of this study was to examine changes in the quality of care provided since the initiation of a system for collection and analysis of neonatal data in a neonatal facility.

    Qual Saf Health Care, Vol: 14 Page: 202-6 June 2005
    J. Jenkins; F. Alderdice; E. McCall

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  • 4.   Measuring quality in services for children with an intellectual disability

    This study aimed to evaluate the application of one particular quality measurement tool, the SERVQUAL instrument, as a potential mechanism to measure quality in services for children with disabilities

    Int J Health Care Qual Assur Inc Leadersh Health Serv, Vol: 19 Page: 400-8 2006
    E. Koornneef

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  • 5.   Outpatient experiences in acute hospitals

    The aim of this study was to examine the views of outpatient department attendees on the quality of service received

    Ir J Med Sci, Vol: 171 Page: 89-93 2002 Apr-Jun
    C. De Brun; F. Howell; D. Bedford; R. Corcoran; A. Kelly

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