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  • 1.   Elective Caesarean section is associated with a reduction in developmental dysplasia of the hip in term breech infants

    The aim of this study was to describe elective caesarean and developmental dysplasia of the hip in term breech infants

    J Bone Joint Surg Br, Vol: 87 Page: 984-5 July 2005
    C. A. Lowry; V. B. Donoghue; C. O'Herlihy; J. F. Murphy

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  • 2.   Singleton vaginal breech delivery at term: still a safe option

    This study examined the obstetric and perinatal outcome of pregnancies with singleton breech presentation at term when selection for vaginal delivery was based on clear prelabor and intrapartum criteria

    Obstet Gynecol, Vol: 103 Page: 407-12 March 2004
    M. Alarab; C. Regan; M. P. O'Connell; D. P. Keane; C. O'Herlihy; M. E. Foley

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  • 3.   The end of vaginal breech delivery

    This article discusses vaginal breech delivery

    Bjog, Vol: 113 Page: 969-72 August 2006
    G. Burke

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  • 4.   The Term Breech Trial: are the clinical guidelines justified by the evidence?

    This article discusses the "The Term Breech Trial"

    J Obstet Gynaecol, Vol: 26 Page: 491-4 August 2006
    M. J. Turner

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