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Child Abuse/ diagnosis

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  • 1.   Accident and emergency department access to the child protection register: a questionnaire survey

    This study aimed to explore how United Kingdom accident and emergency departments access the child protection register, their levels of satisfaction with that access and their criteria for checking the register

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 19 Page: 136-7 March 2002
    G. Quin; R. Evans

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  • 2.   Child protection procedures in emergency departments

    This study aimed to explore Emergency departments to ascertain current procedures for identifying and managing child abuse

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 24 Page: 831-5 December 2007
    P. Sidebotham; T. Biu; L. Goldsworthy

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  • 3.   Detection of non-accidental injuries presenting at emergency departments

    This study aimed to explore whether cases of possible non-accidental injury as identified using five risk indicators give rise to any subjective concerns of child abuse

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 21 Page: 562-4 September 2004
    A. McKinney; G. Lane; F. Hickey

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  • 4.   Hangman's fracture caused by suspected child abuse. A case report

    This case report discusses a case of traumatic Hangman's fracture in a child under the age of 3 years and the only case where there is a strong probability of child abuse

    J Pediatr Orthop B, Vol: 11 Page: 329-32 October 2002
    R. K. Ranjith; J. H. Mullett; T. E. Burke

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  • 5.   The Child Protection Register: a tool in the accident and emergency department?

    The aim of this study was to examine the number of children on the Child Protection Register (CPR) attending the accident and emergency department and the referral source, diagnostic category, and frequency distribution for such attendances

    Emerg Med J, Vol: 19 Page: 229-30 May 2002
    N. M. Flanagan; C. MacLeod; M. G. Jenkins; R. Wylie

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