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  • 1.   Obesity and mode of delivery in primigravid and multigravid women

    The aim of the study was to examine the effects of maternal body mass index on the mode of delivery for primigravid and multigravid women.

    Am J Perinatol, Vol: 25 Page: 163-7 March 2008
    C. M. Lynch; D. J. Sexton; M. Hession; J. J. Morrison

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  • 2.   Preterm birth and multiple pregnancy in European countries participating in the PERISTAT project

    The aim of this study was to compare preterm birth and multiple pregnancy in European countries participating in the PERISTAT project

    Bjog, Vol: 113 Page: 528-35 May 2006
    B. Blondel; A. Macfarlane; M. Gissler; G. Breart; J. Zeitlin

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  • 3.   The philosophy of practice governs the rate of obstetric intervention: analysis of 212 units in the United Kingdom

    This study aimed to explore the relationship between the practices of obstetric intervention in individual obstetric units

    J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med, Vol: 13 Page: 267-70 April 2003
    M. P. O'Connell; E. M. Gurney; S. W. Lindow

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  • 4.   Universal vs. risk factor-based screening for gestational diabetes mellitus: detection rates, gestation at diagnosis and outcome

    The aim of this study was to assess a risk factor-based screening programme with a universally based one - for gestational diabetes mellitus

    Diabet Med, Vol: 17 Page: 26-32 January 2000
    M. E. Griffin; M. Coffey; H. Johnson; P. Scanlon; M. Foley; J. Stronge; N. M. O'Meara; R. G. Firth

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