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  • 1.   Administration of analgesia for acute abdominal pain sufferers in the accident and emergency setting

    This study described the effect of early administration of analgesia for acute abdominal pain in the accident and emergency setting

    Eur J Emerg Med, Vol: 11 Page: 309-12 December 2004
    J. Shabbir; P. F. Ridgway; K. Lynch; C. E. Law; D. Evoy; J. B. O'Mahony; K. Mealy

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  • 2.   Fit For the Future? Future Development of the Emergency Duty Team

    This article discusses "the Emergency Duty Team"

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 10 Page: 395-403 2004
    Jane Barry

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  • 3.   Foreign bodies of the nose and ears in children. Should these be managed in the accident and emergency setting?

    This study examined the management of children with foreign bodies in the nose or ear in an attempt to see whether these children can be successfully managed in Accident & Emergency or whether they should be referred to the Otolaryngology service

    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, Vol: 70 Page: 425-8 March 2006
    T. Mackle; B. Conlon

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  • 4.   Morbidity and mortality following inadvertent poisoning with decanted chemicals

    The aim of this study was to examine the epidemiology of accidental poisoning with decanted chemicals

    Ir Med J, Vol: 98 Page: 175-8 June 2005
    N. Cassidy; J. A. Tracey

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  • 5.   Subdural haematoma and effusion in infancy: an epidemiological study

    The aim of this study was to examine incidence, aetiology and clinical features of subdural haematomoa and effusion in infancy in the United Kingdom and Ireland

    Archives of Disease in Childhood, Vol: 90 Page: 952-955 2005
    C. Hobbs; A. Childs; J. Wynne; J. Livingston; A. Seal

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