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  • 1.   An Analysis Tool for School Inclusion for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

    This article discusses a developmental tool (Inclusion Analysis) that enables schools to identify how inclusive or otherwise they are in a relatively straightforward way with a minimal time commitment

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 14 Page: 371-380 2008
    David Ryan

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  • 2.   Daycare needs of young disabled

    This article reports on the result of the study on the daycare needs of disabled children under the age of five in Northern Ireland.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 3.   Disabled Children as Active Citizens

    This article discusses highlights from the National Children's Bureau's Northern Ireland Spring Seminar in May 2002, focusing on the theme of 'Disabled Children as Active Citizens

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: 220-222 2002
    Berni Kelly

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  • 4.   Giving a voice to children with disabilities

    This article discusses the issues surrounding accessing the voices of children with disabilities.

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 16-24 2006
    Jean Whyte

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  • 5.   Health status of children with cerebral palsy living in Europe: a multi-centre study

    This aim of this study was to describe the health status of 8-12-year-old children with cerebral palsy of all severities in Europe using the Child Health Questionnaire

    Child: Care, Health & Development, Vol: 34 Page: 806-814 2008
    E. Beckung; M. White-Koning; M. Marcelli; V. McManus; S. Michelsen; J. Parkes; K. Parkinson; U. Thyen; C. Arnaud; J. Fauconnier; A. Colver

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  • 6.   If you ask me…

    This article interviews Colin McMillan, an individual who has learning disability, about community service

    Community Care, 2006

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  • 7.   The relationship between gross motor function and participation restriction in children with cerebral palsy: an exploratory analysis

    The aim of this study was to examine gross motor function and participation restrictions experienced by children with cerebral palsy

    Child: Care, Health & Development, Vol: 33 Page: 22-27 2007
    C. Kerr; B. McDowell; S. McDonough

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