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Accommodation, Ocular/ physiology

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  • 1.   Accommodative lag using dynamic retinoscopy: age norms for school-age children

    The aim of this study was to examine accommodative responses were assessed in a group of school-age children using Nott DR

    Optom Vis Sci, Vol: 81 Page: 929-33 December 2004
    J. F. McClelland; K. J. Saunders

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  • 2.   Clinical judgement of near pupil responses provides a useful indicator of focusing ability in children with cerebral palsy

    The aim of the study was to compare the quality of near pupil responses with objective measures of accommodative function dynamic retinoscopy and investigate the utility of NPR in indicating accommodative facility in children with cerebral palsy

    Dev Med Child Neurol, Vol: 50 Page: 33-7 January 2008
    K. J. Saunders; J. F. McClelland; P. M. Richardson; M. Stevenson

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