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  • 1.   Autism in Northern Ireland: The tragedy and the shame

    This article examines applied behavior interdisciplinary discussion which brings grammar to bear on questions of self and identity in children in the linguistic constructionist tradition of theorists

    The Psychologist, Vol: 17 Page: 72-75 2004
    Mickey Keenan

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  • 2.   Checklist for autism in Toddlers [5]

    This article discusses toddlers with Autism

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 94 Page: 254%N 8 2001
    M. Fitzgerald

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  • 3.   Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Perspectives on current research

    This article discusses how can parents and practitioners best help the significant number of children affected with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Early Child Development and Care, Vol: 173 Page: 361-362 2003
    Roy Evans; Cathy Tissot

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  • 4.   Early Memory and Autism

    This article discusses early memory and autism

    Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol: 35 Page: 683-683 2005
    Viktoria Lyons; Michael Fitzgerald

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  • 5.   Editorial

    This article discusses several articles on issues about children and society, including a policy review of Ireland's National Children’s Strategy

    Children & Society, Vol: 14 Page: 83-84 2000
    Gillian Pugh; Nigel Parton

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  • 6.   Evaluating the effectiveness of teacher training in Applied Behaviour Analysis

    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of teacher training in abstract interventions for children with autism based upon Applied Behaviour Analysis

    Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, Vol: 9 Page: 209-227
    Ian M. Grey; Rita Honan; Brian McClean; Michael Daly

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  • 7.   Maternal burden in families with children with autistic spectrum disorder

    The aim of this study was to investigate the extent of maternal burden in mothers of children with autism and the relationship with variables measuring child characteristics, social problems and family burden.

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 23 Page: 2-17 2002
    Michael Fitzgerald; Gail Birkbeck; Pat Matthews

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  • 8.   Review of Applied behaviour analysis and autism: Building a future together

    Book Review: Applied behaviour analysis and autism: Building a future together

    International Journal of Early Years Education, Vol: 15 Page: 320-322 2007
    Rona Tutt

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  • 9.   Review of Autism spectrum disorders: Identification, education and treatment

    Book Review: Autism spectrum disorders

    Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, Vol: 24 Page: 164-164 2007
    Michael Fitzgerald

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  • 10.   Role of CAMHS in assessing children with suspected autism-spectrum disorder in Ireland

    This article discusses role of Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services in assessing children with suspected autism-spectrum disorder in Ireland

    Psychiatric Bulletin, Vol: 32 Page: 394%N 10 2008
    N. Skokauskas; T. Moran

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  • 11.   The global classroom: Advancing cultural awareness in special schools through collaborative work using ICT

    The aim of this study was to examine research on cross-national collaboration through Information and Communications Technology within the statutory curricula of 10 special schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 19 Page: 225-240 2004
    L. Abbott; R. Austin; A. Mulkeen; N. Metcalfe

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  • 12.   The Saplings Model of Education: Case Studies in Autism

    The aim of this study was to examine an applied behaviour analysis model - which incorporates teaching, training, and research, and delineates key operating principles

    Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration, Vol: 18 Page: 49-60 2002
    Ken P. Kerr; Audrey Campbell; Shauna McGrory

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