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  • 1.   Attitudes and Factors that Influence Decision-Making in Adoption from Care in Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine thinking and attitudes that inform or influence decision-making around proceeding to adoption

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 10 Page: 253-263 2004
    Lily Barr

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  • 2.   Bullying behaviour in secondary schools: what roles do teachers play?

    The aim of this study was to describe bullying between students and teachers at two time points

    Child Abuse Review, Vol: 17 Page: 160-173 2008
    Deborah J. James; Maria Lawlor; Pat Courtney; Ann Flynn; Bernie Henry; Niamh Murphy

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  • 3.   Exploring the views of police officers on the use of videotaped evidence in child abuse cases in northern Ireland

    This study describes the views and attitudes of police officers in the Greater Belfast area, concerning the process and use of video-taped interviews with child witnesses, subsequently used as court evidence in child abuse cases

    Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation, Vol: 2 Page: 57-72 2001
    David A. Hayes

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  • 4.   Inclusion, Impact and Need: Young Children with a Visual Impairment

    This article seeks to inform the debate children with special needs & mainstream education by presenting findings from research designed to explore the perceptions and experiences of parents, young people with VI and health and early years professionals

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 179-190 2005
    Colette Gray

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  • 5.   'It's Better to Stick to Your Own Kind': Teenagers' Views on Cross-Community Marriages in Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the attitudes of 80 teenagers growing up in one of the most contested localities in Northern Ireland to cross-community marriages, i.e. those between Catholics and Protestants.

    Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies, Vol: 35 Page: 97-113 2009
    Madeleine Leonard

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  • 6.   Religious affiliation and attitudes toward the use of corporal punishment in Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the association, of Northern Irish parents, between religious affiliation, social class and attitudes to childhood corporal punishment

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 22 Page: 55-62 2001
    Teresa Murphy-Cowan; Maurice Stringer

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  • 7.   Review of How dangerous is food allergy in childhood? The incidence of severe and fatal allergic reactions across the UK and Ireland

    Book Review: (Article) discusses food allergic reactions in children in the United kingdom and Ireland

    Child: Care, Health and Development, Vol: 28 Page: 432-432 2002
    Richard Reading

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  • 8.   The attitudes and nutritional knowledge of 11- to 12-year-olds in Merseyside and Northern Ireland

    The aim of the study was to compare the attitudes and nutritional knowledge of children in Merseyside, England and Northern Ireland

    International Journal of Consumer Studies, Vol: 29 Page: 200-207 2005
    Clare Frobisher; Margaret Jepson; Sheila M. Maxwell

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    This article features the workhouses in Ireland in which people preferred to die than to enter into such places where one can find people of different race or class

    Sociological Origins, Vol: 5 Page: 157-165 2006
    Harriet Martineau

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