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  • 1.   A Children's Strategy for Northern Ireland

    This article discusses Children's Strategy for Northern Ireland

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: 223-223 2002
    Heather Stevens

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  • 2.   A retrospective critical analysis of family support in practice: Facilitate not dictate

    This article discusses the relationship between parents and staff in the formal childcare setting

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 63-70 2006
    Anne Prendiville

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  • 3.   A Small-Scale Study of the Relationship Between Measures of Deprivation and Child-Care Referrals

    This article discusses the relationship that exists, at ward level, between measures of deprivation and referrals to a health professional team

    British Journal of Social Work, Vol: 35 Page: 937-952 2005
    Karen Winter; Paul Connolly

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  • 4.   Abused and Looked After Children as 'Moral Dirt': Child Abuse and Institutional Care in Historical Perspective

    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis in the context of the concept of child abuse

    Journal of Social Policy, Vol: 36 Page: 123-139 2007
    Harry Ferguson

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  • 5.   Adoption from care in Northern Ireland: problems in the process

    The aim of this study was to examine the processes for freeing children for adoption in Northern Ireland.

    Child & Family Social Work, Vol: 7 Page: 297-309 2002
    Greg Kelly; Dominic McSherry

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  • 6.   An Evaluation of a Family-centred Support Service for Children with a Significant Learning Disability

    This study aimed to evaluate a newly developed Families Project in one Health and Social Service Trust area in Northern Ireland to identify the impact of caring for a child with a learning disability on parents and ways it could become more effective

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 377-390 2006
    Maria Truesdale-Kennedy; Roy McConkey; Pauline Ferguson; Paul Roberts

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  • 7.   An Updated Guide to Current Legislation and Associated Guidance for Family and Child Care Practitioners

    This article discusses an up to date guide to the current legislation relating to the health and social care of children and young people and associated guidance that family and child care practitioners should be aware of.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 275-281 2005
    Michael Williamson

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  • 8.   Articles 9 and 18 of the Adoption Order (Northern Ireland) Order 1987: importance of placing siblings together; weight to be attached to child's wish not to be adopted; views of older siblings regarding adoption of family member; and the relative

    The article focuses on an adoption case in Northern Ireland related to the Articles 9 and 18 of the Adoption Order of 1987

    Adoption & Fostering, Vol: 29 Page: 90-93 2005
    Kerry O'Halloran

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  • 9.   Barred from Change: The Incarceration of Children and Young People in Northern Ireland

    This study explores the care of children in the Juvenile Justice Centre for Northern Ireland in the context of their rights

    Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Vol: 20 Page: 79-94 2008
    Linda Moore; Una Convery

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  • 10.   Book Reviews

    Book Review: Preparing Children for Permanence: A Guide to Undertaking Direct Work for Social Workers, Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents," AND "Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violence: A Reader,"

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 14 Page: 229-232 2008
    Phyllis Elwood; Wendy Cousins

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  • 11.   Can childhood neglect be assessed and prevented through childcare skills training?

    This article discusses the lack of consensus about what constitutes child neglect

    Child Abuse Review, Vol: 16 Page: 120-129 2007
    Benny McDaniel; Karola Dillenburger

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  • 12.   Care of the extremely preterm infant: Management and ethical dilemas

    This article discusses care of the extremely preterm infant

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 98 Page: 101-102 2005
    W. A. Gorman

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  • 13.   Chapter 1: Snowflake Children

    The paper discusses a study concerning children and adolescents attending a youth project in Limerick

    Child & Youth Services, Vol: 29 Page: 1-27 2007

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  • 14.   Chapter 6: Now Is the Time: A Toxic Era for Child and Youth Care

    This article discusses a series of reflections on the current debate on risk and accountability in child protection and child and youth care

    Child & Youth Services, Vol: 29 Page: 129-164 2007

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  • 15.   Child Care in Practice

    This article presents the preliminary pages of the January 2002 issue of 'Child Care in Practice

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: i 2002

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  • 16.   Children's rights: A cross-border study of residential care

    This study describes findings from a six-month exploratory study which examined children's rights through the personal experiences of those involved in the residential care system on both sides of the Irish border

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 88-96 2006
    Wendy Cousins; Sharon Milner

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  • 17.   Concern deepens over Ireland's missing asylum-seeking children

    This article discusses Irelands missing asylum seeker children

    Community Care, 2005
    Amy Taylor

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  • 18.   Courts/Trusts--No Trespassing

    This article explores the relationship between the Health and Social Services Trusts and the Courts in Northern Ireland, when dealing with matters under the Children Order

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 100-108 2003
    Dominic Burke

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  • 19.   Cross-national comparison of attitudes toward fathers' and mothers' participation in household tasks and childcare

    The aim of the study was to compare attitudes toward the division of fathers' and mothers' participation in childcare/household tasks through a multilevel modeling approach

    Sex Roles, Vol: 48 Page: 189-203 2003
    Malathi L. Apparala; Alan Reifman; Joyce Munsch

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  • 20.   Culture and caregivers: Factors influencing breastfeeding among mothers in West Belfast, Northern Ireland

    This study aimed to explore the attitudes of mothers attending mother and toddler groups to breastfeeding in a socio-economically deprived area of Belfast Northern Ireland

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 14 Page: 165-179 2008
    Hilary Bishop; Wendy Cousins; Karen Casson; Ann Moore

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  • 21.   Decision Making by Senior Social Workers at Point of First Referral

    This article discusses the decision making processes of the senior social workers during child-care referrals

    British Journal of Social Work, Vol: 30 Page: 597-618 2000
    Trevor Spratt

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  • 22.   Delivering Family Support Services in Rural Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine a cross-border partnership project between a Health Board in the South of Ireland and a voluntary agency in the North of Ireland to deliver an 'at home' family support service in rural County Donegal.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 140-155 2003
    Roger Manktelow

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  • 23.   Developing a researcher-practitioner partnership for the effective evaluation of professional social work training

    This article reports on the development and operationalisation of a partnership between researchers at the Centre for Child Care Research to undertake an evaluation of the Children (NI) Order Training Programme.

    Social Work Education, Vol: 20 Page: 539-549 2001
    Patrick McCrystal; Ann Godfrey

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    This article provides information on some downloadable resources on childcare which are available at National Children's Bureau's site at

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 25.   Editorial

    This article discusses the policy review by John Pinkerton provides a fascinating insight into Ireland's National Children's Strategy.

    Children & Society, Vol: 15 Page: 55-56 2001
    Nigel Parton; Gillian Pugh

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  • 26.   Effective government structures for children?: The UK's four Children's Commissioners

    This article discusses the significance of differences in the respective Commissioners' ability to carry out individual case-work for children and for implementation of the UNCRC in the UK

    Child & Family Law Quarterly, Vol: 17 Page: 37-53 2005
    Jane Williams

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  • 27.   Evaluating maternity care: A core set of outcome measures

    This study aimed to explore a minimum set of outcome measures for evaluating models of maternity care from the perspective of key stakeholders

    Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care, Vol: 34 Page: 164-172 2007
    Declan Devane; Cecily M. Begley; Mike Clarke; Dell Horey; Colm Oboyle

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  • 28.   Evaluating Springboard: impact of a family support programme in Ireland

    The aim of the study was to undertake an evaluation of springboard, a family support programme introduced in Ireland

    Journal of Children's Services, Vol: 1 Page: 16-28 2006
    Kieran McKeown; Trutz Haase; Jonathan Pratschke

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  • 29.   Exploring good practice in Irish child and family services: Reflections and considerations

    This article discusses good practice in Irish child and family services

    Practice, Vol: 19 Page: 5-18 2007
    Bernadine Brady; Pat Dolan

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  • 30.   Extra funding for Northern Ireland

    The article discusses the impact of extra funding given by the government on the health and social services in Northern Ireland

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 31.   Facing What Cannot be Changed: The Irish Experience of Confronting Institutional Child Abuse

    This article examines the process of dealing with historic child abuse in the Republic of Ireland

    Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law, Vol: 29 Page: 245-263 2007
    Carol Brennan

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  • 32.   Foreword

    This article of Child Care in Practice highlights many of the issues and difficulties facing young people in Ireland both North and South today.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 287-288 2005
    Arlene Healey

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  • 33.   Foreword

    This forward introduces the current issue of Child Care in Practice, containing papers on various dimensions of childhood, young adulthood and parenting.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 163-165 2007
    Stan Houston

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  • 34.   Foreword

    This article examines children's rights, court decision-making processes, the role of social workers in representing children's needs, wishes and views, model(s) of alternative dispute resolution, and additional family legal issues

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 14 Page: 233-236 2008
    Margaret Fawcett

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  • 35.   Foreword

    This article discusses the foreword to a copy of the journal "Child Care in Practice"

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 79-80 2006
    The Honourable Mr Justice Gillen

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  • 36.   Foreword

    This article introduces a series of articles concerning child care in Northern Ireland, including "the troubles", views on communities and sectarianism, and sexual abuse

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: 5-6 2002
    Anne Morrison

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  • 37.   Foreword: Child Welfare in Ireland--Travelling Forward?

    This article discusses in a variety of ways - family support, child protection, adoption, and human rights in Northern Ireland

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 263-265 2003
    John Pinkerton

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  • 38.   'Forty Seven, Today You are Nine': Systematic Abuse in Irish Childcare Institutions

    This article discusses Bion's Affect Theory, in relation to the recent disclosure of systematic abuse in State-funded childcare institutions in Ireland

    Group Analysis, Vol: 39 Page: 25-35 2006
    Paul Shield

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  • 39.   Getting research into practice: Healing damaged attachment processes in infancy

    The aim of this study was to examine the promotion of positive attachment in early infancy - explore the evidence base, summarised the findings, and devise an implementation process.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 81-90 2005
    Tony Newman; Benny McDaniel

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    This article discusses Ireland's ratifying the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on 21 September 1992, without reservation, and accepting its international obligations towards children

    International Journal of Law, Policy & the Family, Vol: 14 Page: 131-147 2000
    Geoffrey Shannon

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  • 41.   Guidelines for management of childhood arthritis

    This article discusses guidelines for management of childhood arthritis

    Rheumatology, Vol: 40 Page: 1309-1312 2001
    R. G. Hull

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  • 42.   Identity issues for looked after children with no knowledge of their origins

    This article discusses the effects on the developing identities of those who, for various reasons, are unlikely ever to know the details of their birth parent(s)

    Adoption & Fostering, Vol: 29 Page: 44-52 2005 Summer2005
    Karen Winter; Olivia Cohen

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  • 43.   'Infighting' blamed for poor service

    This article discusses the effects of infighting between public bodies in Northern Ireland on Irish children according to voluntary groups

    Community Care, 2004

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    This article discusses the use of secure care in child welfare cases in Ireland and England

    Community Care, 2006
    Henri Giller

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  • 45.   Listening To Children, Speaking For Children: Health and Social Services Complaints and Child Advocacy

    This article discusses the importance of Health and Personal Social Services responses to complaints from service users in upholding children's rights, and in particular Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 109-116 2003
    Wendy Cousins; Sharon Milner; Eithne McLaughlin

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  • 46.   Making schools and young people responsible: a critical analysis of Ireland's obesity strategy

    This article discusses Ireland's obesity strategy

    Health & Social Care in the Community, Vol: 16 Page: 234-243 2008
    Michelle Share; Michael Strain

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  • 47.   Management guidelines for arthritis in children

    This article discusses management guidelines for arthritis in children

    Rheumatology, Vol: 40 Page: 1308%N 11 2001
    R. G. Hull

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  • 48.   More rights for Irish foster carers

    News from BAAF - comments on rights for Irish Foster carers

    Adoption & Fostering, Vol: 30 Page: 5-5 2006

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  • 49.   Negotiating Work/Life Balance: The Experience of Fathers and Mothers in Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the degree of work/life balance among fathers and mothers

    Recherches socilogiques et anthropologiques, Vol: 38 Page: 65-81 2007
    Eileen Drew; Gwen Daverth

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  • 50.   News from BAAF

    News from BAAF This article provides updates concerning adoption and child care in Great Britain as of July 2006

    Adoption & Fostering, Vol: 30 Page: 3-3 2006 Summer2006
    David Holmes

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  • 51.   NI plans new rural childcare scheme

    This article discusses a new rural childcare programme by the Northern Ireland Executive

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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