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  • 1.   A prospective study of the oral manifestations of Crohn's disease

    The aim of this study was to document prospectively the proportion of children with oral lesions at diagnosis of Crohn's disease

    Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol, Vol: 3 Page: 886-91 September 2005
    S. Harty; P. Fleming; M. Rowland; E. Crushell; M. McDermott; B. Drumm; B. Bourke

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  • 2.   A review of early childhood studies

    This article provides an introduction to the many aspects of childhood studies. The different strategies, particularly interventions, to achieve these objectives are discussed

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: suppl 69-71 September 2007
    D. McMahon

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  • 3.   Abused and Looked After Children as 'Moral Dirt': Child Abuse and Institutional Care in Historical Perspective

    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis in the context of the concept of child abuse

    Journal of Social Policy, Vol: 36 Page: 123-139 2007
    Harry Ferguson

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  • 4.   Acute asthma exacerbations and air pollutants in children living in Belfast, Northern Ireland

    The aim of this study was to examine the rates of acute asthma admissions to Belfast's major children's emergency department.

    Arch Environ Health, Vol: 56 Page: 234-41 2001 May-Jun
    A. J. Thompson; M. D. Shields; C. C. Patterson

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  • 5.   Addiction problems, addiction services, and social work in the Republic of Ireland

    This article discusses addiction problems, addiction services, and social work in the Republic of Ireland

    Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, Vol: 2 Page: 31-48 2002
    S. Butler

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  • 6.   An evaluation of the Child and Parent Support Service within the Magherafelt and Cookstown area

    This article explores the interface between adult mental health issues and child development.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 125-135 2007
    Huw Griffiths; Vikki Boland; David Gilliland; Bronagh McKernan; Liz Shields

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  • 7.   Are You Serious? Involving Young People in Children's Service Planning

    This article explores the "Making A Difference Today (MAD2DAY) Group", a group of young people who came together over the past 24 months in order to support the participation and involvement of young people in the Western Area Children's Services Plan

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 214-216 2003
    Stieneke Willis; Fiona Mullin; Geraldine Murphy; Emma McCaffrey; Michael Harrigan; Nicola Rodgers; Darren Boyle

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  • 8.   Article 53(3) of the Children (NI) Order 1995 and Rules 4.19 and 4.24 of the Family Proceedings Rules (NI) 1996: the need for an expert witness

    The article discusses the ruling of the Northern Ireland High Court of Justice in a case about an appeal against an order made by a Master of the High Court refusing leave to the father of a children

    Adoption & Fostering, Vol: 30 Page: 72-76 2006 Winter2006
    Kerry O'Halloran

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  • 9.   Avoidable pitfalls when writing medical reports for court proceedings in cases of suspected child abuse

    The aim of this study was to describe the avoidable pitfalls when writing medical reports for court proceedings in cases of suspected child abuse

    Archives of Disease in Childhood, Vol: 89 Page: 799-804 2004
    T. J. David

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  • 10.   Beyond Border--Protecting Children on the Island of Ireland

    This article discusses a policy agenda for safeguarding children on a cross-border basis developed by Barnardos Northern Ireland, Barnardos Ireland, society for the prevention of Cruelty & the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 294-301 2003
    Maurice Leeson

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  • 11.   Beyond the rhetoric: a 'working' version of child protection practice

    The aim of this study was to examine a study of child protection practice in an Irish health board

    European Journal of Social Work, Vol: 3 Page: 13-23 2000
    Helen Buckley

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  • 12.   Book Review: Child Protection Work-Beyond the Rhetoric

    Book Review: Child Protection Work-Beyond the Rhetoric

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 10 Page: 303-305 2004
    Theresa Donaldson

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    This article discusses the increasing awareness of children’s rights in Ireland resulting from a series of public scandals related to child abuse

    Community Care, 2002
    Kieran McGrath

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  • 14.   Care Proceedings: Exploring the Relationship Between Case Duration and Achieving Permanency for the Child

    The aim of this study was to examine findings of a research study that explored the complex relationship between the duration of legal care proceedings and costs to children in terms of the likelihood of achieving permanency

    British Journal of Social Work, Vol: 36 Page: 901-919 2006
    Dominic McSherry; Emma Larkin; Dorota Iwaniec

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  • 15.   Changing pattern of childhood blindness

    The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of, and trends in, child blindness of varying aetiologies

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: 458-61 May 2007
    R. I. Khan; M. O'Keefe; D. Kenny; L. Nolan

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  • 16.   Chapter 6: Now Is the Time: A Toxic Era for Child and Youth Care

    This article discusses a series of reflections on the current debate on risk and accountability in child protection and child and youth care

    Child & Youth Services, Vol: 29 Page: 129-164 2007

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  • 17.   Child Custody Law of the Republic of Ireland

    This paper discusses child custody law in the Republic of Ireland

    Family Law Quarterly, Vol: 39 Page: 353-371 2005 Summer2005
    Geoffrey Shannon

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  • 18.   Child impact statements: protecting children's interests in policy and provision?

    The aim of this study was to examine the rational of child impact statements - a tool for assessing the potential impact of policy, provision, legislation etc on children

    Journal of Children's Services, Vol: 2 Page: 30-43 2007
    Carmel Corrigan

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  • 19.   Child Protection and Welfare Social Work in Northern Ireland and the Republic: Commonalities, Divergences and Possibilities

    This paper provides a comparison between child welfare and protection social work in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland by considering some key aspects of its historical development.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 266-281 2003
    Caroline Skehill

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  • 20.   Child protection social work and men's abuse of women: An Irish study

    This study aimed to explore the responses of social workers within a community care setting to cases involving men's abuse of women

    Child & Family Social Work, Vol: 8 Page: 53-65 2003
    Stephanie Holt

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  • 21.   Child Protection Work and Family Support Practice in Five Family Centres

    The aim of this study was to examine the perspectives of staff and service users in five 'client focused' family centres in Northern Ireland in relation to how child protection issues are understood and dealt with

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 18 2003
    Trevor Spratt

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  • 22.   Children of 'mixed religion' ignored

    This article discusses research which found that the needs of looked-after children in Northern Ireland whose parents have different religious backgrounds are not being met.

    Community Care, 2003

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  • 23.   Children's minister for NI

    This article discusses leadership to support children's rights and child protection

    Paediatric Nursing, Vol: 17 Page: 4-4 2005

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  • 24.   Children's Order 10 years on

    This article discusses the principles in the Children's Order and how they translated into practice from the viewpoint of a mediator and as part of the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 179-183 2006
    Linda Kerr

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  • 25.   Children's participation in healthcare in the UK--gesture, rhetoric, or real involvement?

    This article discusses the UK's recent national and international efforts to protect its thirteen million children and ensure that their voices are heard

    Bioethics Forum, Vol: 18 Page: 29-35 2002
    B. Carter

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  • 26.   Children's rights: A cross-border study of residential care

    This study describes findings from a six-month exploratory study which examined children's rights through the personal experiences of those involved in the residential care system on both sides of the Irish border

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 88-96 2006
    Wendy Cousins; Sharon Milner

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  • 27.   Children's Services Planning in Northern Ireland: Developing a Planning Model to Address Rights and Needs

    This article reflects on a number of key concepts and planning tools that have been developed or adapted through the inter-agency planning of services for children and young people in Northern Ireland

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 219-240 2006
    Eamon McTernan; Ann Godfrey

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  • 28.   Children's Services Planning: The Process and Implications for Wider Partnership Working

    This article discusses legislative and policy framework, and examines Children's Services Planning, for vulnerable children.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 181-198 2003
    Ann Godfrey

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  • 29.   Conflict, Regulation and Marginalisation in the North of Ireland: The Experiences of Children and Young People

    The aim of this study was to examine the lives and experiences of children and young people in communities where the legacy of conflict and economic deprivation are most marked

    Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Vol: 20 Page: 59-78 2008
    Deena Haydon; Phil Scraton

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  • 30.   Congress Rights Card aims to protect young workers

    This article discusses congress rights card aimed at protecting young workers

    World of Irish Nursing, Vol: 12 Page: 14-14 2004

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  • 31.   Co-operating to Safeguard

    This article discusses revised guidance on child protection

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: 127-132 2002
    Paul Martin

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  • 32.   Courts/Trusts--No Trespassing

    This article explores the relationship between the Health and Social Services Trusts and the Courts in Northern Ireland, when dealing with matters under the Children Order

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 100-108 2003
    Dominic Burke

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  • 33.   Daycare needs of young disabled

    This article reports on the result of the study on the daycare needs of disabled children under the age of five in Northern Ireland.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 34.   Decision Making by Senior Social Workers at Point of First Referral

    This article discusses the decision making processes of the senior social workers during child-care referrals

    British Journal of Social Work, Vol: 30 Page: 597-618 2000
    Trevor Spratt

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  • 35.   Developing Children's Participation: Lessons from a Participatory IT Project

    This article describes and analyses the process used by Barnardos in developing and implementing a participatory approach in a children's IT project in Galway City

    Children & Society, Vol: 21 Page: 31-41 2007
    Bernadine Brady

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    This article presents news briefs on: Overview of the experiences of children's commissioners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

    Community Care, 2005
    Anabel Unity Sale

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  • 37.   Evaluating early years intervention

    This article reports on the involvement of National Children's Bureau (NBC) North Ireland (NI) with other researchers in a large-scale evaluation of early years interventions in Northern Ireland.

    Children & Young People Now, 2008

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  • 38.   Facing What Cannot be Changed: The Irish Experience of Confronting Institutional Child Abuse

    This article examines the process of dealing with historic child abuse in the Republic of Ireland

    Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law, Vol: 29 Page: 245-263 2007
    Carol Brennan

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  • 39.   Family Support in Ireland: Developing Strategic Implementation

    This article discusses the learning gained from a growing commitment to family support and suggests there is now sufficient understanding and experience to allow for a strategically managed approach based on a planning cycle of legislation

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 309-321 2003
    John Pinkerton; Pat Dolan; Andrew Percy

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  • 40.   First commissioner in Northern Ireland

    This article discusses the appointment of Nigel Williams as the first commissioner for children in Northern Ireland in 2003

    Community Care, 2003

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  • 41.   Focusing on families

    This article describes the formulating and delivering of child and family centred policies and practice through close partnership working as reported at the sixth Northern Ireland Community Nursing Network Conference

    Community Practitioner, Vol: 77 Page: 124-126 2004
    E. White

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  • 42.   Foreword: Child Welfare in Ireland--Travelling Forward?

    This article discusses in a variety of ways - family support, child protection, adoption, and human rights in Northern Ireland

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 9 Page: 263-265 2003
    John Pinkerton

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  • 43.   From Parity to Subsidiarity? Children's Policy in Northern Ireland Under New Labour: The Case of Child Welfare

    This article discusses the devolution agenda of New Labour is related to the progress being made in the peace process and its implications for children's policy considered through focusing on child welfare.

    Children & Society, Vol: 17 Page: 254-260 2003
    John Pinkerton

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  • 44.   Guidelines for informed consent in biomedical research involving paediatric populations as research participants

    The article discusses the paediatricians role in ensuring that participating minors and their parents/legal representatives have understood and assented/consented to the research

    Eur J Pediatr, Vol: 162 Page: 455-8 July 2003
    D. Gill; F. P. Crawley; M. LoGiudice; S. Grosek; R. Kurz; M. de Lourdes-Levy; S. Mjones; D. Nicolopoulos; A. Rubino; P. J. Sauer; M. Siimes; M. Weindig; M. Zach; T. L. Chambers

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  • 45.   Healing old wounds. Interview by Catharine Sadler

    This article discusses "Healing old wounds"

    Nurs Stand, Vol: 15 Page: 14-6 2001 Jun 27-Jul 3
    S. Peake

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  • 46.   'High/scope supporting the child, the family, the community': A report of the proceedings of the High/Scope Ireland Third Annual Conference, 12th October 2004, Newry, Northern Ireland

    This article discusses the third annual High/Scope Ireland Conference which discusses issues such as literacy rates, school success and employability as well as decreased levels of substance misuse, delinquent & criminal activity and teenage pregnancy

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 11 Page: 433-456 2005
    Lynne Peyton

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  • 47.   Human rights and decision-making in child protection through explicit argumentation

    This article discusses human rights and decision-making in child protection through explicit argumentation

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 81-95 2006
    Joe Duffy; Brian Taylor; Susannah Mc Call

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  • 48.   Improving outcomes for children in the island of Ireland: the role of philanthropic investment

    This is the second in a series of articles based on interviews with policy-makers, philanthropists and community activists about the reforms to children's services in Ireland.

    Journal of Children's Services, Vol: 2 Page: 60-67 2007
    Michael Little; Ali Abunimah

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  • 49.   INO calls for action to protect children

    This article discusses the Irish Nurses Organisation calls for action to Protect Children

    World of Irish Nursing, Vol: 10 Page: 13-13 2002

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  • 50.   Iron deficiency anaemia and childhood stroke

    This article discusses iron deficiency anemia and childhood stroke

    Ir Med J, Vol: 101 Page: 165 June 2008
    D. O'Rourke; R. McCarthy; B. Lynch

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    This article discusses the use of secure care in child welfare cases in Ireland and England

    Community Care, 2006
    Henri Giller

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