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  • 1.   Hereditary cerebral cavernous angiomas: Presentation as idiopathic familial epilepsy

    This case report discusses a cause of familial epilepsy that also emphasises the importance of MRI as the modality of choice in investigating seizures in children - Hereditary cerebral cavernous angiomas

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 95 Page: 56-58 2002
    D. Coghlan; B. Lynch; D. Allcutt

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  • 2.   REEP1 mutation spectrum and genotype/phenotype correlation in hereditary spastic paraplegia type 31

    The aim of this study was to examine REEP1 mutation spectrum and genotype/phenotype correlation for hereditary spastic paraplegia type 31

    Brain, Vol: 131 Page: 1078-1086 2008
    C. Beetz; R. Schule; T. Deconinck; K. N. Tran-Viet; H. Zhu; B. P. H. Kremer; S. G. M. Frints; W. A. G. Van Zelst-Stams; P. Byrne; S. Otto; A. O. H. Nygren; J. Baets; K. Smets; B. Ceulemans; B. Dan; N. Nagan; J. Kassubek; S. Klimpe; T. Klopstock; H. Stolze; H. J. M. Smeets; C. T. R. M. Schrander-Stumpel; M. Hutchinson; B. P. Van De Warrenburg; C. Braastad; T. Deufel; M. Pericak-Vance; L. Schols; P. De Jonghe; S. Zuchner

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