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  • 1.   Paediatric asthma education programmes: Impact and future directions [1]

    The article discusses paediatric asthma education programmes: Impact and future directions

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 97 Page: 183-185 2004
    D. L. Waldron; M. B. O'Neill

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  • 2.   Response covariation of escape-maintained aberrant behavior correlated with sleep deprivation

    This case report examine the relation between sleep deprivation and changes in level and allocation of aberrant behaviour (aggression and self-injury) for a child with moderate mental retardation

    Res Dev Disabil, Vol: 21 Page: 125-36 2000 Mar-Apr
    M. F. Oreilly; G. Lancioni

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  • 3.   The interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: background and role of paediatric dentistry

    This article is the first of a series on the comprehensive management of young people with hypodontia

    Br Dent J, Vol: 194 Page: 245-51 March 2003
    J. H. Nunn; N. E. Carter; T. J. Gillgrass; R. S. Hobson; N. J. Jepson; J. G. Meechan; F. S. Nohl

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  • 4.   Using brief assessments to evaluate aberrant behavior maintained by attention

    The aim of this study was to examine the use of the functional assessments to identify idiosyncratic variables associated with aberrant behaviour maintained by positive reinforcement

    J Appl Behav Anal, Vol: 33 Page: 109-12 2000 Spring
    M. F. O'Reilly; G. E. Lancioni; L. King; G. Lally; O. N. Dhomhnaill

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