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  • 1.   Menjugate (Chiron)

    This article discusses the development and launch of Menjugate, a vaccine for the treatment for meningococcus C infections caused by the pathogen Neisseria meningitidis, along with factors related to marketing

    Curr Opin Investig Drugs, Vol: 2 Page: 47-9 January 2001
    D. H. Jones

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  • 2.   Modelling HIV viral rebound using non-linear mixed effects models

    The aim of this study was to examine patterns of treatment rebound, using non-linear mixed effects models, in HIV-1

    Stat Med, Vol: 21 Page: 2093-108 July 2002
    A. P. Fitzgerald; V. G. DeGruttola; F. Vaida

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  • 3.   Overview of the impact of changing global patterns of dental caries experience on caries clinical trials

    This article discusses the impact of changing global patterns of dental caries experience on caries clinical trials

    J Dent Res, Vol: 83 Spec No C Page: C29-34 2004
    H. Whelton

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  • 4.   Recent clinical trials of surfactant treatment for neonates

    This article discusses recent clinical trials of neonatal surfactant treatment and report their findings

    Biol Neonate, Vol: 89 Page: 323-9 2006
    H. L. Halliday

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  • 5.   The continuing decline of autopsies in clinical trials: is there any way back?

    This article discusses continuing decline of autopsies in clinical trials

    Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed, Vol: 89 Page: F198-9 May 2004
    M. McDermott

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  • 6.   Treatment of childhood asthma: how do the available options compare?

    This article discusses the available options for the treatment of childhood asthma

    Paediatr Drugs, Vol: 5 Page: 685-98 2003
    D. Coghlan; C. Powell

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