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  • 1.   Audit of Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Service

    The aim of this audit was to determine if a centralised retrieval system for interhospital transport of critically ill patients in Ireland by Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Service is safe and efficient.

    Ir Med J, Vol: 99 Page: 76-8 March 2006
    D. Rohan; R. Dwyer; J. Costello; D. Phelan

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  • 2.   Critically ill newborns with multiple organ dysfunction: assessment by NEOMOD score in a tertiary NICU

    The aim of this study was to test the predictive and descriptive accuracy of neonatal multiple organ dysfunction score (NEOMOD) in very low birthweight infants (VKBW) infants

    Ir J Med Sci, Vol: 177 Page: 11-7 March 2008
    J. Janota; J. Simak; Z. Stranak; T. Matthews; T. Clarke; D. Corcoran

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  • 3.   Neonatal transportation: the effects of a national neonatal transportation programme

    The aim of this study was to determine if the National Neonatal Transport Programme introduced in 2001 improved clinical condition of newborns at the end of transfer

    Ir J Med Sci, Vol: 173 Page: 105-8 2004 Apr-Jun
    D. Mullane; H. Byrne; T. A. Clarke; W. Gorman; E. Griffin; K. Ramesh; T. Rohinath

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  • 4.   Pressure care in the paediatric intensive care unit

    This article discusses some of the difficulties facing nurses involved in the care of critically ill children and reviews the literature on pressure ulcer assessment, highlighting the lack of a universal tool for risk assessment in this area

    Nurs Stand, Vol: 17 Page: 71-4, 76 October 2002
    V. Murdoch

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  • 5.   The burden of paediatric intensive care: a perspective from the UK and Ireland

    This article discusses the burden of paediatric intensive care

    Paediatr Respir Rev, Vol: 6 Page: 154-9 September 2005
    D. J. Macrae

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