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  • 1.   A 'career' in youth homelessness?

    This article discusses youth homelessness

    CornerStone, 2007
    Paula Mayock

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  • 2.   A comparison of temporal bone fracture classification systems

    The aim of the study was to examine traditional and otic capsule classification system of temporal bone fractures for clinical relevance

    Clinical Otolaryngology, Vol: 31 Page: 287-291 2006
    M. A. Rafferty; R. Mc Conn Walsh; M. A. Walsh

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  • 3.   Blood gas monitoring in very low birth weight infants receiving respiratory support: A survey of current practice in the UK and Ireland

    This study aimed to explore current blood gas monitoring in very low birth weight infants receiving respiratory support

    Journal of Clinical Excellence, Vol: 4 Page: 403-410 2003
    V. Ganesan; S. Malbon; P. W. Jones; S. A. Spencer

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  • 4.   Cytomegalovirus infection in paediatric haemopoietic stem cell transplantation

    The aim of this study was to audit reports of Cytomegalovirus infection to determine prevalence and outcome in the national paediatric Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant unit, with particular reference to surveillance and treatment

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 101 Page: 17-21 2008
    A. L. Chong; F. Clinton; F. Breatnach; A. O'Marcaigh; K. Butler; A. O'Meara

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  • 5.   Evaluation of a 5-year school-based county-wide smoking education programme

    The aim of this study was to assess a 5-year school-based county-wide smoking education programme

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 97 Page: 264-267 2004
    M. Share; M. Quinn; C. Ryan

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  • 6.   Longitudinal analysis of FEV1 changes related to antibiotic therapy in children with cystic fibrosis

    This study examined the hypothesize that the FEV1 measured pre-antibiotic therapy and followed longitudinally would show a greater rate of decline and may be a better prognostic indicator than the FEV1 post antibiotic therapy

    Irish Medical Journal, Vol: 100 Page: 2007
    S. Javadpour; K. Brownlee; A. Jones

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  • 7.   The global classroom: Advancing cultural awareness in special schools through collaborative work using ICT

    The aim of this study was to examine research on cross-national collaboration through Information and Communications Technology within the statutory curricula of 10 special schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 19 Page: 225-240 2004
    L. Abbott; R. Austin; A. Mulkeen; N. Metcalfe

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