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  • 1.   Evaluating Circle Time as a support to social skills development - reflections on a journey in school-based research

    This study aimed to evaluate the merits of Circle Time as a classroom intervention aimed at improving the social skills of students with a mild intellectual disability

    British Journal of Special Education, Vol: 33 Page: 19-24
    Catherine Canney; Alison Byrne

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  • 2.   Inequalities in health: evaluation and effectiveness in practice... four research case studies

    This case report discusses inequalities in health

    International Journal of Nursing Practice, Vol: 7 Page: 383-391 2001
    A. Lazenbatt; J. Orr; E. O'Neill

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  • 3.   Linking prevention science and community engagement: a case study of the Ireland Disadvantaged Children and Youth Programme

    This article discusses the lack of effective evaluation of children's services and discusses potential remedies for improving both the knowledge base and the quality of interventions

    Journal of Children's Services, Vol: 2 Page: 40-54 2008

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  • 4.   Study shows benefits of fundus fluorescein angiography in ROP screening

    This article discusses the benefits of fundus fluorescein angiography in Retinopathy of Prematurity screening

    Ocular Surgery News, Vol: 24 Page: 75-79 2006
    E. Y. J. Ng; B. Lanigan; M. O'Keefe

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