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  • 1.   Children's language networks in minority language immersion: What goes in may not come out

    This study presents a qualitative study of Level 1 minority language children's output in a mixed groups - children with and without mother-tongue support - by examining their language networks and use of the target language, Irish

    Language and Education, Vol: 21 Page: 46-65 2007
    Tina M. Hickey

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  • 2.   Encouraging voices: Listening to young people who have been marginalised

    This study explores a group of young people from marginalised communities, including those with disabilities, from refugee families or from ethnic minorities examining their experiences on inclusion and exclusion from education facilities

    Support for Learning, Vol: 19 Page: 155-160 2004
    Richard Rose; Michael Shevlin

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  • 3.   Meeting in the middle? A study of parent--professional partnerships

    This study explores the premise of partnership in Northern Ireland, with reference to parents' relationships with the cross-section of professionals who constitute an inevitable by-product of having a child with special education needs

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 23 Page: 253-268 2008
    Una O'Connor

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  • 4.   Participation in a clinical trial: views of children and young people with diabetes

    This study investigates whether involvement in research can have a positive effect on the education and management of disease of children and young people with diabetes

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 37-9 July 2007
    C. McGuinness; M. Cain

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  • 5.   Peripheral voices: Parental involvement, social class, and educational disadvantage

    This study examines the views of working-class parents on home-school links

    British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol: 23 Page: 35-49 2002
    Joan Hanafin; Anne Lynch

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  • 6.   Social interaction and language use in Irish infant classrooms in the context of the revised Irish Primary School Curriculum (1999)

    This study investigates social interaction and language use in Irish infant classrooms in the context of the revised Irish Primary School Curriculum (1999)

    Literacy, Vol: 38 Page: 149-155 2004
    Brian Murphy

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  • 7.   Using play therapy in schools: The teacher's role

    This study examined Irish primary school teachers' readiness to become involved in nondirective play therapy

    Educational and Child Psychology, Vol: 24 Page: 73-86 2007
    Thérèse O'Dowd; Virginia Ryan

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