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  • 1.   "The children are used wretchedly": pupil responses to the Irish charter schools in the early nineteenth century

    This study explores pupil responses to the Irish charter schools in the early nineteenth century "The children are used wretchedly"

    Hist Educ, Vol: 30 Page: 339-57 2001
    M. C. Coleman

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  • 2.   'A Word in Your Ear': A Study of Foster Carers' Attitudes to Recommending Fostering to Others

    This study describes the issues that most carers come into fostering via word of mouth - throughout the current foster carers within the South and East Belfast Health and Social Services Trust.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 8 Page: 19-34 2002
    John Sheldon

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  • 3.   Adolescents' perceptions of national identification and socialization: A grounded analysis

    This study describes the perceived influence of parents and family and the construction of national and religious identification amongst adolescents theoretically sampled from along the border between the Irish Republic and the Northern Ireland

    British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Vol: 25 Page: 579-594 2007
    Orla T. Muldoon; Katrina McLaughlin; Karen Trew

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  • 4.   Alcohol consumption among 11-16 year olds: 'Getting around' structural barriers?

    This study describes qualitative data from Irish children and adolescents on their experiences in relation to alcohol consumption

    Nursing & Health Sciences, Vol: 3 Page: 237-245 2001
    Abbey Hyde; Margaret Treacy; Jennie Boland; Teresa Whitaker; Pilar Santos Abaunza; Barbara Knox

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  • 5.   An exploration of factors that influence the regular consumption of water by Irish primary school children

    This study describes teachers' knowledge about water and the perceived barriers to allowing children access to water during lesson time

    J Hum Nutr Diet, Vol: 21 Page: 512-5 October 2008
    C. J. Molloy; J. Gandy; C. Cunningham; G. Slattery

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  • 6.   Babies behind bars; an Irish perspective

    This study reported on babies living with mothers while they are incarcerated

    Ir Med J, Vol: 100 Page: 327-8 January 2007
    F. Enright; T. Boyle; J. Murphy

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  • 7.   Barred from Change: The Incarceration of Children and Young People in Northern Ireland

    This study explores the care of children in the Juvenile Justice Centre for Northern Ireland in the context of their rights

    Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Vol: 20 Page: 79-94 2008
    Linda Moore; Una Convery

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  • 8.   'Care just changes your life': Factors impacting upon the mental health of children and young people with experiences of care in Northern Ireland

    This study represents one element of a research project carried out into the mental health needs of children and young people with experiences of care in Northern Ireland.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 417-434 2007
    Christine Mullan; Siobhán McAlister; Fiona Rollock; Lelia Fitzsimons

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  • 9.   Change and continuity after parental separation: Children's experiences of family transitions in Ireland

    This study presents findings from a qualitative, interview-based study of children aged 8-12, conducted in the Irish Republic, which focused on children's experiences of change in family life following parental separation

    Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research, Vol: 10 Page: 163-180 2003
    Diane M. Hogan; Ann Marie Halpenny; Sheila Greene

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  • 10.   Child pornography and the Internet: Perpetuating a cycle of abuse

    This study interviewed men convicted of downloading child pornography with a view to understanding how these men talked about the photographs and the function such talk played in their accounts

    Deviant Behavior, Vol: 23 Page: 331-362 2002
    Ethel Quayle; Max Taylor

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  • 11.   Children at risk domestic violence and their educational attainment: Perspectives of education welfare officiers, social workers and teachers

    This study describes the perceptions of Education Welfare Officers, child protection social workers and teachers in post-primary schools regarding the impact of domestic violence on schooling and educational attainment, and of service responses to this

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 13 Page: 185-201 2007
    Dorothy Byrne; Brian Taylor

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  • 12.   Children talking: emerging perspectives and experiences of cigarette smoking

    This study examines the perceptions, beliefs and motivations of young people regarding smoking and health

    Qual Health Res, Vol: 17 Page: 238-49 February 2007
    M. P. Treacy; A. Hyde; J. Boland; T. Whitaker; P. S. Abaunza; B. J. Stewart-Knox

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  • 13.   Children's citizenship and the structuring of adult-child relations in the primary school

    This study describes the experience of school in terms of children's citizenship, exploring participation level experienced by a sample of Irish primary school children over decisions related to the control of their time, space and interaction in school

    Childhood, Vol: 9 Page: 303 2002
    Dympna Devine

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  • 14.   Children's language networks in minority language immersion: What goes in may not come out

    This study presents a qualitative study of Level 1 minority language children's output in a mixed groups - children with and without mother-tongue support - by examining their language networks and use of the target language, Irish

    Language and Education, Vol: 21 Page: 46-65 2007
    Tina M. Hickey

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  • 15.   Children's perspectives of therapeutic recreation: Data from the 'Barretstown studies'

    This study examines children's perspectives of therapeutic recreation using data from the Barretstown studies

    Journal of Health Psychology, Vol: 7 Page: 599-614 2002
    Gemma Kiernan; Malcolm MacLachlan

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  • 16.   Children's rights: A cross-border study of residential care

    This study describes findings from a six-month exploratory study which examined children's rights through the personal experiences of those involved in the residential care system on both sides of the Irish border

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 88-96 2006
    Wendy Cousins; Sharon Milner

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  • 17.   Clinic consultations with children and parents on the dietary management of cystic fibrosis

    This study examines clinic consultations on the dietary management of cystic fibrosis with particular consideration to the role of children the role of parents is also examined

    Soc Sci Med, Vol: 64 Page: 363-74 January 2007
    E. Savage; P. Callery

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  • 18.   Constructions of Locality and Gender and their Impact on the Educational Aspirations of Working-class Children

    This study examines the significance of locality for working-class children and its impact upon the children's general experiences and educational aspirations

    International Studies in Sociology of Education, Vol: 11 Page: 107-129 2001
    Paul Connolly; Julie Neill

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  • 19.   Contested Heteronormativities: Discourses of Fatherhood among Lesbian Parents in Sweden and Ireland

    This article explores discourses of fatherhood among lesbian parents in Sweden and Ireland, based on interviews with 68 participants

    Sexualities, Vol: 8 Page: 189-204 2005
    RĂłisĂ­ Ryan-Flood

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  • 20.   Coping alone: Examining the prospects of adolescent victims of child abuse placed in foster care

    This study describes the problems young people face in foster care

    Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Vol: 31 Page: 57-66 2002
    Deborah Browne

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  • 21.   Coping and positive perceptions in Irish mothers of children with intellectual disabilities

    This study examined the coping strategies and positive perceptions in Irish mothers of children with intellectual disabilities

    J Intellect Disabil, Vol: 10 Page: 231-48 September 2006
    F. A. Greer; I. M. Grey; B. McClean

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  • 22.   Day service programmes for people with a severe intellectual disability and quality of life: Parent and staff perspectives

    This study examines the contributions of a community and campus based day programme to the quality of life of programme participants with a severe level of intellectual disability from the perspective of parents and staff.

    J Intellect Disabil, Vol: 12 Page: 153-72 June 2008
    E. Hartnett; P. Gallagher; G. Kiernan; C. Poulsen; E. Gilligan; M. Reynolds

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  • 23.   'Doing boy/girl' and global/local elements in 10-12 year olds' drawings and written texts

    This study explores the relevance of global/local to understanding ways of 'doing boy/girl' (Butler, 1999; Connell, 2005; Haywood and Mac an Ghiall, 2003) and the contribution that visual sociology can make to this

    Qualitative Research, Vol: 7 Page: 229-247 2007
    Pat O'Connor

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  • 24.   Education for children with severe and profound general learning disabilities in Ireland: Factors influencing teachers' decisions about teaching these pupils

    This study investigates the perceived high turnover of teachers working with pupils with severe and profound general learning disabilities in Ireland

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 20 Page: 179-194 2005
    Jean Ware; Georgina Julian; Páid McGee

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  • 25.   Encouraging voices: Listening to young people who have been marginalised

    This study explores a group of young people from marginalised communities, including those with disabilities, from refugee families or from ethnic minorities examining their experiences on inclusion and exclusion from education facilities

    Support for Learning, Vol: 19 Page: 155-160 2004
    Richard Rose; Michael Shevlin

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  • 26.   Estimation of exposure to food packaging materials. 1: Development of a food-packaging database

    This study reports on the development of a food-packaging database to provide qualitative information on the types of packaging materials used for foods

    Food Addit Contam, Vol: 23 Page: 623-33 June 2006
    E. Duffy; A. P. Hearty; M. B. Gilsenan; M. J. Gibney

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  • 27.   Exploring the views of police officers on the use of videotaped evidence in child abuse cases in northern Ireland

    This study describes the views and attitudes of police officers in the Greater Belfast area, concerning the process and use of video-taped interviews with child witnesses, subsequently used as court evidence in child abuse cases

    Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation, Vol: 2 Page: 57-72 2001
    David A. Hayes

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  • 28.   Fathers' perspectives on the emotional impact of managing the care of their children with cystic fibrosis

    This study examines fathers' perspectives on the emotional impact of managing the care of their children with cystic fibrosis (CF) are examined

    J Pediatr Nurs, Vol: 23 Page: 250-6 August 2008
    C. C. Hayes; E. Savage

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  • 29.   Fetal anomaly screening: what do women want to know?

    This study reports a study exploring women's experiences of receiving an adverse diagnosis at a routine second trimester ultrasound examination, and the factors that influenced their preparedness for an adverse finding

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 55 Page: 11-9 July 2006
    J. Lalor; C. Begley

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  • 30.   First-time mothers: social support and confidence in infant care

    This study reports a study whose primary aim was to explore the relationship between social support for first-time mothers and their confidence in infant care practices. A secondary aim was to identify their sources of support in the postnatal period

    J Adv Nurs, Vol: 50 Page: 479-88 June 2005
    P. Leahy Warren

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  • 31.   Focus groups versus individual interviews with children: A comparison of data

    This study reports on the use of focus groups and interviews to collect qualitative data from 116 children in three age groups, with mean ages of 8.4,11.5 and 14.3 years

    Irish Journal of Psychology, Vol: 27 Page: 58-68 2006
    Caroline Heary; Eilis Hennessy

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  • 32.   Hard boys, attractive girls: expressions of gender in young people's conversations on smoking in Northern Ireland

    This study examines ways in which 10- to 11-year-olds in Northern Ireland expressed perceptions of gender ideology while discussing the topic of smoking

    Health Promot Int, Vol: 18 Page: 307-14 December 2003
    J. Rugkasa; B. Stewart-Knox; J. Sittlington; P. S. Abaunza; M. P. Treacy

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  • 33.   Investigating service users' and carers' views of child and adolescent mental health services in northern ireland

    This study employed a two-stage qualitative approach to explore views and opinions held by users and carers about Child and Adolescent Mental Health services

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 27-41 2006
    Tom Teggart; Mark Linden

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  • 34.   Locked in the Past: The Custodial Disposal of Children in Northern Ireland

    This study examines developments in criminal justice legislation in relation to the custodial disposal of children in Northern Ireland since the implementation of the Criminal Justice (Children) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998.

    Conference Papers -- Law & Society, 2007 2007 Annual Meeting
    Una Convery

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  • 35.   Low immunisation uptake: is the process the problem?

    This study examines mothers satisfaction with the process of immunisation and its possible contribution to suboptimal immunisation uptake

    J Epidemiol Community Health, Vol: 54 Page: 394-400 May 2000
    P. M. Harrington; C. Woodman; W. F. Shannon

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  • 36.   Meeting in the middle? A study of parent--professional partnerships

    This study explores the premise of partnership in Northern Ireland, with reference to parents' relationships with the cross-section of professionals who constitute an inevitable by-product of having a child with special education needs

    European Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol: 23 Page: 253-268 2008
    Una O'Connor

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  • 37.   Model of problematic internet use in people with a sexual interest in children

    This study describes a project which has generated a model of offending behavior that emphasizes the role of cognitions in both the etiology, engagement with and problematic use of the Internet for those with a sexual interest in children

    Cyberpsychol Behav, Vol: 6 Page: 93-106 February 2003
    E. Quayle; M. Taylor

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  • 38.   Naming the 'other': children's construction and experience of racisms in Irish primary schools

    This study describes the construction and experience of racisms among a sample of primary school children in Ireland during a period of intensive immigration

    Race, Ethnicity & Education, Vol: 11 Page: 369-385 2008
    Dympna Devine; Mairin Kenny; Eileen Macneela

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  • 39.   'Oh, that's a tricky piece!': Children, mediated action, and the tools of historical time

    This study describes findings from a study of elementary children's understanding of historical time.

    The Elementary School Journal, Vol: 103 Page: 161-185 2002
    Keith C. Barton

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  • 40.   Operationalizing quality of life for people with profound multiple disabilities: a Delphi study

    This study assesses the content and the structure of an item pool - quality of life etc among people with disability - in order to enhance its validity and usefulness

    J Intellect Disabil Res, Vol: 51 Page: 334-49 May 2007
    K. Petry; B. Maes; C. Vlaskamp

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  • 41.   Parental perception of fluorosis among 8-year-old children living in three communities in Iceland, Ireland and England

    This study study was to assess parental perception of the impact of fluorosis among 8-year-old children living in three communities in Iceland, Ireland and England

    Community Dent Oral Epidemiol, Vol: 32 Suppl 1 Page: 34-8 April 2004
    H. Sigurjons; J. A. Cochran; C. E. Ketley; W. P. Holbrook; M. A. Lennon; D. M. O'Mullane

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  • 42.   Parental Perceptions of Risks With Older Teenagers Who Have Severe Learning Difficulties Contrasted With the Young People's Views and Experiences

    This study interviewed school leavers over two years from two special schools for pupils with severe learning disabilities were individually interviewed, as were their parents regarding perceptions of risk

    Children & Society, Vol: 17 Page: 18-31 2003
    Roy McConkey; Marisa Smyth

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  • 43.   Parents' and nurses' attitudes to family-centred care: an Irish perspective

    This study describes attitudes of parents and nurses to the model of care delivery on an in-patient children's unit in a regional general hospital

    J Clin Nurs, Vol: 16 Page: 2341-8 December 2007
    M. Hughes

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  • 44.   Participation in a clinical trial: views of children and young people with diabetes

    This study investigates whether involvement in research can have a positive effect on the education and management of disease of children and young people with diabetes

    Paediatr Nurs, Vol: 19 Page: 37-9 July 2007
    C. McGuinness; M. Cain

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  • 45.   Perinatal Loss: A Qualitative Study in Northern Ireland

    This study describes the experiences of women in Northern Ireland who have experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth.

    Omega: Journal of Death & Dying, Vol: 57 Page: 1-19 2008
    Bernadette Susan McCreight

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  • 46.   Peripheral voices: Parental involvement, social class, and educational disadvantage

    This study examines the views of working-class parents on home-school links

    British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol: 23 Page: 35-49 2002
    Joan Hanafin; Anne Lynch

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  • 47.   Portrait of the 'absent' father: the impact of non-residency on developing and maintaining a fathering role

    This study reports on an exploratory study conducted with non-resident fathers, to elucidate the key issues affecting the development and maintenance of a fathering role after a relationship has ended

    Irish Journal of Sociology, Vol: 14 Page: 134-154 2005
    Mary P. Corcoran

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  • 48.   Postvention: A Community-based Family Support Initiative and Model of Responding to Tragic Events, Including Suicide

    This paper provides an account of the design, development and implementation of a postvention model of responding to the needs of families within a community following the aftermath of a tragic event, including suicide.

    Child Care in Practice, Vol: 12 Page: 53-61 2006
    Susan Forde; Carmel Devaney

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  • 49.   Promoting child protection, welfare and healing: The case for developing best practice

    This paper focuses specifically on the meanings and development of best practice in family support in the context of child protection work

    Child & Family Social Work, Vol: 6 Page: 1-12 2001
    Harry Ferguson

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  • 50.   Qualitative methods in the study of children's racial attitudes and identities

    This study explores children's racial attitudes and identities

    Infant & Child Development, Vol: 10 Page: 219-233
    Paul Connolly

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  • 51.   Recasting Hope: A process of adaptation following fetal anomaly diagnosis

    his study examines forty-one women's experiences of ultrasound diagnosis of fetal abnormality up to and beyond the birth in the Republic of Ireland

    Social Science & Medicine, Vol: In Press, Corrected Proof Page:
    Joan Lalor; Cecily M. Begley; Eoin Galavan

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