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  • Review of Child Protection Work: Beyond the Rhetoric

    Published in:

    Social Work and Social Sciences Review, Vol: 11, Page: 70-77,Whiting & Birch

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    Aims & Objectives:

    Book Review: Child Protection Work


    Reviews the book "Child Protection Work: Beyond the Rhetoric," by Helen Buckley (2003). In this book the author seeks to make visible the professional practices of statutory social workers involved in the child protection process. The author bases her study on empirical analysis which she undertook in the Republic of Ireland in the early to mid-1990s. She analyzes all referrals made to one local authority over a six month period and follows up those categorized as 'child abuse/neglect' for a further six months. The methodological approach is based on focused analysis of these interviews and observations. The author develops an alternative understanding of the child protection process which she compares to the 'official' discourse on child protection. She argues that such understandings allow a more realistic understanding of the daily work of child protection than the 'official' discourse makes available, as her approach includes all concerns referred to the social workers involved in child protection. This book is of great interest to anyone involved in researching social work child protection or child welfare practice in the twenty first century. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)


    Ros Day

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    Non Study Papers » Discussion paper, review, commentary, letter »


    0953-5225 Accession Number: 2005-00025-006. First Author & Affiliation: Day, Ros; School of Continuing Education, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom. Other Journal Title: Social Work and Social Sciences Review. Release Date: 20050131. Publication Type: Journal, (0100) Peer Reviewed Journal, (0110). Media Covered: Print. Media Available: Electronic; Print. Document Type: Review-Book. Language: English. Major Descriptor: Child Abuse; Child Neglect; Child Welfare; Social Casework; Social Workers. Minor Descriptor: Rhetoric. Classification: Community & Social Services (3373) . Population: Human (10) . Reviewed Item: Buckley, Helen (2003). Child Protection Work: Beyond the Rhetoric; London, Jessica Kingsley, 2003, 192pp. £15.95, 1843100754 (paperback);



    the United Kingdom (England)