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Irish Child Health Database - Peer Reviewed Papers

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Research provides a targeted and informative way of understanding issues of health not well illustrated by routine information data sources. The peer review papers of national and international journals are an important window on the character of national research.

This study systematically reviewed the peer review published literature on Irish Child Health from 2000 to 2008. Using a predefined set of keywords and search terms over 5,500 journal articles were identified for further examination. Screening reduced the number of articles reporting on aspects of research on children to 3,229, of which 2,152 were individual research studies. Findings were mapped according to a range of characteristics which demonstrated important features observed from the studied papers:

  1. the nature of the research - study type;
  2. the topic area of interest;
  3. the demographic characteristics of the studied population and their geographical spread.

The major findings of the study are presented with regard to the aetiological (causal) or descriptive nature of the work, the classifiable or themed health-related outcomes and the types of studied populations - hospital-based, school-based or community-based. Background, methods and findings are detailed in the study report.


Study Type

Analytical Studies

  • Case Control Study (Definition:)
  • Longitudinal Study (Definition:)
  • Cohort Study (Definition:)

Descriptive Studies - Measuring aspects of effectiveness

Descriptive Studies - Studies with a health technology dimension

  • A randomized controlled trial (Definition:)
  • Screening Study (Definition:)
  • Economic (Definition:)
  • Other study type - mainly related to the effectiveness of measuring tools (Definition:)
  • A study of sensitivity and specificity of a measurement tool (Definition:)

Descriptive Studies - With a comparative dimension: time, geography, treatment, procedures

  • Comparison Study (Definition:)
  • Epidemiology - descriptive, incidence, prevalence and/or trends (Definition:)

Descriptive Studies - Without a comparision

  • Case Series Study (Definition:)
  • Case Study (Definition:)
  • Surveillance Study (Definition:)
  • Cross Sectional Study (Definition:)
  • Case Report Study (Definition:)

Papers reporting secondary research

Qualitative Studies

Non Study Papers

Definitions and Flow Charts